Successful Entrepreneur Secrets: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

how to stop sabotaging yourself as an entrepreneur

The phrase you are your own worst enemy isn’t just a cliché proverb people use when they want to sound wise. In fact, it is probably one of the deepest, most honest reflections towards the idea that our own actions often stand in the way of our success and happiness. 

Sometimes, we’re aware of what we’re supposed to do in order to get to the top but we A) can’t find the motivation or B) can’t find the strength to do so. In other situations, we aren’t even aware that the actions we’re taking a day in and day out are pulling us backward instead of pushing us forward. With this in mind and without further ado, here are several secrets of successful entrepreneurs on how to stop sabotaging yourself. 

1. Make A To-Do List 

Most of the time, we’re fully aware of the tasks that need to be completed in the nearest future, yet, when asked how many of these tasks there are, we can’t reveal the full number. The reason behind this is the fact that we honestly don’t know the answer ourselves. A lot of guides will advise you to start prioritizing or scheduling these tasks but how can you make a list based on priority, if there isn’t a pre-existing list containing all the items, to begin with. Try to make changes necessary for added convenience and efficiency to give yourself the greatest chance of being productive. Therefore, you need to set aside some time and put on paper (or an MS Excel table) all the goals you want to achieve and tasks you want to accomplish in the nearest future. 

2. Put A Stop To Procrastination 

Postponing your responsibilities indefinitely is the so-called procrastination and it holds you back in more than a couple of ways. The worst thing with procrastination is the fact that you have both your goals and your short-term objectives right in front of your eyes all the time, yet, you can’t seem to get around to handle them. 

The key to getting out of the procrastination is a simple one, yet, it is not that simple to pull off. You need to start slow, from something as trivial as making your bed in the morning. In his address to graduates, Admiral McRaven urged them to start making their bed in the morning. In this way, you can condition yourself by reaping the reward of your positive actions. Think about it, even if everything else during your day goes wrong, at least you know that you’ll come back to a made bed once you arrive home. 

3. Show Some Trust In People 

This is applicable to both entrepreneurs and regular individuals. You see, going through life believing that everyone is an idiot or that if you want something to be done right you have to do it yourself is not the right attitude or a healthy outlook. Think about the CEOs of some of the greatest world’s conglomerates or some of the most successful rulers in the history. Did they know more about management, economy, warfare and innovation than their subordinates, ministers and generals? Of course not. What they did was look for the right people, place them in the right positions and then trust them to make all the right calls. A bit of trust goes a long way. 

4. Start Working Out 

Even though a lot of people believe that working out is something exclusively related to your looks, self- confidence and physical health, nowadays, it is almost proven that even your mental state improves as you work out. Your energy levels, your ability to focus and your overall cognitive abilities stand to improve as you start working more and more on your physical fitness

Of course, you don’t have to become a gym freak in order for this to work. As an alternative, you can gamify some of your household chores, get a pet or even start cycling. In a lot of European countries, some parts of the U.S. and Australia, cycling is quickly becoming more and more popular. Therefore, there’s nothing easier than for you to pay a visit to a bike store online and see if there’s anything you like on offer. 

5. Don’t Over-Analyze 

Going into the battle unprepared is never a wise choice, however, sometimes you can miss out on a great opportunity by over-analyzing. Remember that regardless of the situation, you can never have all the facts, however, you don’t actually have to. There are so many contextual and situational factors around every single decision you make in your life that if you were to wait until you have all the data, all the time, you would never make up your mind. 

Therefore, you need to set some realistic boundaries when it comes to the issues you absolutely need to know about the topic at hands and those you would like to know. Once you make this kind of prioritization, you will become much more efficient at making these choices

In Conclusion 

Finally, in order to stop sabotaging yourself, you need to muster some courage and step out of your comfort zone. This means reaching out to people, doing things you don’t normally do and, occasionally, even taking a leap of faith. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you need to take unnecessary risks or do something simply because you feel reluctant towards it. At the end of the day, the only way for you to grow as a professional and an individual is to constantly push your limits.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how successful entrepreneurs and startups can avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.

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