How Influencers Develop Relationships With Big Companies

Most successful influencers do not set out with a big idea focused solely on a massive payday. Some do, but most influencers that make it big start out concerned with bringing their passion to life, not with how to make it pay out. However, eventually you reach that point where meeting the demands of your growing audience requires you to make deals so that you can focus on creating fantastic content. The question is - how do you build that relationship with big brands? 

Turns out, getting the attention of major brands is not too dissimilar from building your audience in the first place, and these are just a few tips for how to make that happen. 

Be Visible 

Just because you have a social media channel that doesn’t mean a brand is going to realize you are for hire. The best way to make yourself visible to brands is to work through influencer marketing platforms such as Neoreach. These platforms help improve your visibility to major brands and make it easier for them to find you. As long as your content is solid and you’re responsive to communications, you should have no problems making deals. 

Be Responsive 

Keep an eye on your inbox and respond to emails as quickly as possible. Even if you intend to refuse an offer, taking the time to write out a courteous response will spare you from getting follow-up emails and let the person at the other end know you’re not the best prospect for them. It also helps to keep you from burning bridges - while an offer might not be worth it or fit your brand today, it might fit you in the future. 

Publish Consistently 

Your value as an influencer is tied directly to the content you produce. An influencer who pushes bad content or publishes irregularly is no influencer at all. Furthermore, brands are looking for a specific ‘image’ for who they choose to work with. If you publish content erratically then you do not look like a good investment. Publishing consistently by a certain date and delivering a certain type of content tells brands exactly what they are getting into. 

Deliver Quality 

Ties in with consistency above, but always strive to deliver quality content over a quantity of content. The schedule you set should be designed to allow you to not only deliver quality with every post, but also leave enough time to create a buffer - allowing you to take breaks when needed. Consistently delivering quality attracts brands to your content and reassures them that they made the right choice in working with you. 

Be Professional 

Regardless of what your brand image is, when you are dealing with those who want to work with you make every effort to be professional. Most businesses understand if you are projecting an image of a loud mouth or something like that, but they expect that when it comes time to make a deal you’ll behave in a certain way and adhere to certain rules of decorum. If a business thinks you are difficult to work with, they simply will not work with you. Maintain a degree of professionalism at all times in your business dealings even if it clashes with your brand image. After all, you are not publishing your meetings. 

Understand People 

Fundamentally, when it comes to building a relationship with a business, you have to remember one key element - businesses are made of people. As long as you understand this simple truth and work towards building relationships with people rather than turning them into a massive monolith then you will be able to see your way through.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how social media and industry influencers develop relationships with large corporations..

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