5 Things to Do to Prevent Back Pain at Work

Whether you work at a computer or in a warehouse, there are a lot of ways that work can be difficult on your back. Too much sitting can be just as damaging as too much moving around. By deliberately striking the proper balance, you’re helping out future when you want to comfortably do the things you love. Even if you don’t currently experience back pain, adopting some preventative measures can keep you feeling your best. 

1. Change Your Desk Setup 

Your desk can be the cause of your back pain. If you have to either slouch or crane your neck to see your computer, you’re constantly putting strain on your muscles and your spine. Arrange your desk to either elevate or lower your monitor. If adjusting the height of your chair will fix the problem, just reach beneath it and pull the lever. If your business computer is a laptop, get a stand to boost it up to a comfortable height. 

2. Find Reasons To Walk 

Instead of sending an email, walk to someone else’s office to show them a document or ask them a question. You need a few minutes to stretch every once in a while. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase your likelihood of developing certain diseases, not to mention back and leg cramps. Moving around will improve your blood flow, delivering more oxygen to your muscles and allowing your body function properly. 

3. Work On Your Posture 

If your parents were very proper people, you were likely reminded throughout your childhood that you shouldn’t slouch. It’s not that slouching is just impolite – it’s that slouching is actually bad for your back. Proper spinal alignment and lumbar support are necessary for a healthy back. Make sure your desk chair is comfortable on your back. Sit upright and keep your shoulders straight. A little slouching now and then won’t kill you, but make sure to be generally mindful of the way you sit. 

4. Be Careful How You Lift 

Some jobs require a lot of lifting, and other jobs require a little lifting here and there. Whether you’re putting 50 pounds of canned goods on a forklift or carrying a 50 pound box of copy paper reams from the supply room, you need to remember not to lift with your back. By bracing yourself and lifting with your knees, gravity and the natural mechanics of your body will help reduce the stress of the weight load. If you work in an environment where you lift a lot, you might want to consider wearing a supportive brace. 

5. Keep Good Habits At Home 

You probably spend a lot of time at work, but that’s not all the time you have. You need to make sure you’re incorporating better habits into your home life as well. Exercise to prevent and maintain, and perhaps even physiotherapy for your back pain, will keep you in good standing. You likely don’t have time to exercise at work, because you need your breaks to enjoy a healthy lunch and regroup for the second half of the day. Make sure you’re always adhering to healthy habits, both inside and outside of the office. 

Back pain is always a sign that something is wrong – particularly if it doesn’t resolve itself quickly. Make sure you get checked out by professionals if you have recurring or persistent back pain in the workplace or anywhere else. 

Rachel is a hard-working mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about travelling, education, marketing, technology and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at Bizset.comBizdb.co.nz, Canadabiz, and Datastical - an online resource of relevant business information.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to reduce or prevent lower back pain in the workplace.

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