4 Considerations For Getting Your Product To Market

how to get your product to market

When you are running a small business, you are juggling a lot of tasks in one go. It’s a roller-coaster of a time, to get your business off the ground and out to the right target market. For most small businesses, the main concern is how they are going to sell their new product. With the rise of the digital marketplace, more and more small business owners are turning to the internet to sell their products rather than a brick and mortar store on the high street. You’ll be thinking about your finances, stock levels and manufacturing of your product, but have you considered how you’re going to get your product to your customers?  

Unbelievably, most small business owners don’t consider how they’re going to get their product out to their customers until their business is up and running. The trouble with that is it’s a huge mistake not to consider how you plan to package and ship your product. Choosing your packaging to match your brand isn’t a small decision, and you can really impact your business success if you choose wrongly. Here we have four things that you need to consider when getting your product out to your customers: 

1) Looks

It’s a shallow consideration, but one that you have to think about. Customers want to buy pretty things, and there’s a psychology in good packaging. If your packaging for your product is clean, clear and without too much in the way of patterns and colors. Attractive packaging catches the eye and entices the buyer, so keep it simple with your brand and labeling and you can turn the heads of those searching online for what they need. 

2) Priorities 

Are you an ethical company? Are you a business owner that wants people to see that you are impressive and smart? Well, you need to consider whether your packaging is going to be recyclable and whether it will promote your business in an ethical way. Prioritize what is the most important message that you want to give your customers and aim for that across the packaging and the way you describe it on your website. 

3) Cost 

No matter your good intentions, if your packaging is going to push your budget in ways that won’t be profitable for you, then step away. You need to consider how much you are going to have to add to your product pricing in packaging, and you need to think about how your bottom line will fair. You should also put the cost of mailing out your product at the top of your costings, as this will be a deciding factor for your business. Just make sure your frugality doesn't do more harm to your business than good!

4) Insurance

While this could come under costs, a lot of business owners don’t consider the need for insurance with shipping. The thing is, you can’t put your product at risk – you need to ensure that it gets from you to the customer in one piece. Always do a drop test before you ship out, and make sure that you’ve thought about how receiving damaged goods can affect your reputation as a seller. 


Your product needs to be perfect for customers to keep coming back for more. Don’t forget to consider your packaging before you go to sale!

I hope you enjoyed this article about what to consider when working to get your product to market.

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