5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Stats Fast

how to improve blog stats fast

It’s no secret that running your own blog can bring in some mega money. However, without the right techniques and hard work applied it’s unlikely that you will make much money from it. The first thing that you should concentrate on when it comes to your blog is the stats that you’re bringing in, because you will notice that as your stats grow, the more opportunities will arise on your blog. If you’re struggling with your stats on your blog then this is the article for you as we’re going to be giving you intricate ways of improving your blog stats fast and for years to come as well.

Target Audience 

While the dream of having millions of views per day on your blog might be stuck in the back of your mind, unfortunately it’s an unrealistic dream. It’s unlikely that your blog can cater to all kinds of people because of the thousands of different opinions in the world alongside the plethora of interests and capabilities. You should define who your target audience are and cater to them specifically. While other people might visit your site, you should be concentrating on giving your target audience what they came to your blog for; information. Once you have picked your target audience and you’re aiming your online content at them you will notice an increase in your blog stats. 


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key factor in helping you grow your blog stats. It’s all about keywords and phrases within the content that you upload. Think from the point of view of your target audience. If you were searching for something that’s in the content you’ve uploaded then what would you search for? Make sure that the keywords that you’d use in your search(es) are in your content. If you’re using a platform like WordPress, there’s a fabulous plugin that you can use called Yoast that will help you achieve the best SEO possible for your blog. Even the titles of your articles or videos contribute to your blog being found, so make sure that the title is SEO friendly too. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is one of the best ways of getting readers to your blog. There are many different forms of digital marketing, but the basis of it comes from using technology and the internet to get your name out there for people to see. This can include forms of social media, advertisements on websites, and also newsletters. 

Digital marketing can be complicated for even the most experienced of blogger. Luckily you can get some help in this sector. Head to Monkee-Boy and find out how they can help you bring more readers to your website. 

Don’t Sell Yourself Out 

One mistake that many bloggers make when it comes to setting up work with external companies is to sell themselves out. Do some research and find out what kind of price you should be charging for the kind of blog work that you’re offering. For example, if you’re publishing a sponsored post on your blog, make sure that you’re not settling for a price that’s too low. While you most definitely want the work, you also want to make the money you set out to do. A great idea is to have a page that interested companies can visit that displays your price list. Strangely, the higher your prices, the more sought after you will become. Know your value, but just make sure that your prices aren’t exorbitant or you could risk losing some customers. 


While you want to make sure that your readers aren’t turning away from your blog, uploading fluff articles and content won’t keep them reading either. Make sure that every single piece of content that you upload gives your readers something to take away with them. Unfortunately, a diary of what you did that day won’t bring in the views that you’re after. You have to give your readers something useful. This could be a tutorial on how to solve a common problem within your niche, or it could even be a free downloadable item that will help them with day to day life. 


Try these five intricate ways of improving your blog stats today and you will soon notice how much your stats improve. Remember, content is key but don’t upload thin content just for the sake of it. Keep your blog useful and tailored to your target audience and you will be on to a winner! Good luck with your blog trying to build it bigger and better than ever!

I hope you enjoyed this article about helpful ways to improve your blogging stats and revenue generation this year.

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