7 Reasons Why Self-Care Will Improve Business Productivity

When we’re busy and trying to be as productive as possible, our self-care practices tend to fall further and further down our to-do list. We don’t have time to exercise or go to bed early or socialize with actual people face to face. Instead we’re focused on our work and our deadlines. 

But whether you’re a top exec, a busy mum or an entrepreneur working from home, self-care could actually give you the productivity boost you need to work your way through that to-do list in record speed. Here’s how: 

Increased Focus Through Mindfulness 

Mindfulness requires your complete and utter concentration. You can practice mindfulness through activities such as yoga or meditation. By regularly engaging in some kind of mindfulness, you can boost your focus and cognitive ability too. This prevents procrastination and wasting time on unimportant tasks. 

Better Energy Through Exercise 

It may seem counterintuitive but over time regular exercise actually boosts your energy levels. So much so that even a walk around the block during your lunch break could make you feel less tired and more able to concentrate throughout the afternoon. Exercise reinvigortates you and helps improve your mood and stress levels. This has also been preached for the last decade by Frugal Fitness, emphasizing that some of the best investments is one in your health and fitness levels. It pays major dividends in business and finances.

More Positive Thinking Through Social Support 

Feeling down or in a negative frame of mind does nothing for our productivity. We work to our the best of our ability when we feel positive and confident. Spending quality time with your friends and loved ones can boost your feelings of positivity and reduce stress. Whether you make the effort to sit together for family mealtimes or make a date with old friends or try out a new class where you get to meet new people, make social interaction a part of your weekly routine. 

Better Motivation Through Regular Breaks 

Take a real break for your lunch. Don’t eat a sandwich at your company desk with one hand as you try to work with the other. And take regular breaks throughout the day. Resting our minds, like resting our bodies, allows us to come back to the task at hand with renewed energy and motivation. So don’t see your break times as a guilty indulgence. See them as necessary tools for boosting your productivity. 

Reduced Stress Through Spending Time In Nature 

A study conducted by Japanese scientists found that spending time in nature reduced the levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – found in the body. It also reduced blood pressure. Stress hampers productivity so taking a little time for some fresh air, whether it’s to stroll around a local forest or hike a trail, could make a difference to your work. 

Better Cognitive Ability Through A Healthy Diet 

Diet has a major effect on our physical health but also our mental performance too. Eating more fruit and vegetables leads to better creativity and focus whilst a diet of junk food can do the opposite. We can also count on a healthy diet to improve our memory and enhance our mood. Don't just eat for flavor or convenience, eat for function!

Increased Concentration Through Good Quality Sleep 

A good night’s sleep is essential for your productivity. It helps you to eat more healthily during the day (see our previous point). It also improves your cognitive function and concentration. If you have trouble sleeping through the night, start a regular bedtime routine and ditch those bad habits. 

Teeth-grinders, get a mouth guard. Phone addicts, leave your devices downstairs. And late-night worriers, practice mindfulness or breathing exercises to get you into a more restful state. 

The amount of time we spend on self-care has a very definite link to our business productivity. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves unless we take care of our bodies and minds. Make self-care a regular part of your schedule, rather than a luxury. You could see your focus, creativity, energy, positivity and your productivity improve as a result.

I hope you enjoyed this article about reasons why self-care will help to boost business productivity and performance.

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