How College Students Can Start A Business

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There are several reasons why college students decide to work during their studying. Often, it is better to start a business of your own than spend endless time job-hunting. 


Before you start acting on your desire to launch a business while still in college, you have to ask yourself two crucial questions: 

- What do I want to do? 
- And why do I want to do it? 

The answer to the first one lies in your personal preferences and schedule. A full-time student will hardly want a job that takes all day. So, you'll have to learn about the opportunities of the field you've chosen. Besides, no one knows you better than you. While making the final choice, consider whether the business you want to start fits your life and if there are any changes that you can make to dedicate an essential part of your time to this work. Below, there are three main three reasons why students work and decide to start a business. 

Financial Issues 

Many students want to cover at least some part of the cost of their education themselves. It is true that often paying for college is not easy for a family and some students have to pay on their own. There are also students who want to support their families for different reasons. 77% of students responded that they can pay the bills. If you want to be one of them, you definitely need a job. 

Gaining The Experience 

Students often want to gain invaluable experience that will be useful in their future career. They usually work in the area of their future expertise. And they don't always teach these lessons in business school, it needs to be in the workplace.

The Desire to Diversify Their Lives 

College students can be driven by their passion. An economist-to- be can work as a dancing teacher or a ski instructor. Such a job is based on the hobby, but it often pays. 


No matter what the reasons are, it can be more efficient for a student to start his or her own business than to work for a company. Earning money has become much more facilitated in the Internet era, so there's no need to work night shifts anymore. In case you want to get working experience and combine work with your studies, mind that a rare company will hire you unless they have an internship program. If you decide to start a business, you will get the experience of an entrepreneur in addition to the actual work. This can be quite useful for future managers, as well as for a range of other specialists. And if you want a job that pays and corresponds to your personal preferences, your own business is definitely the best option for you. 


There are several ideas for any college student who wants to become an entrepreneur. 

The Internet 

There are two main opportunities that the Internet has given you in this respect: you can work from home, and you can promote your business efficiently. The latter should be done anyway. The startup examples are described below: 

- writing. The number of options in this field is almost unlimited, but the most popular ones are an SEO group or an essay writing and editing service. Ghost-writing is also a valid option.

- website design. If you have proper skills and passion, you should really go for it. You can learn to code and design websites free with several online resources.

- Blogging & Video Blogging aka vlogging. It is extremely popular nowadays, so you should be very attentive in choosing your niche. There are plenty of ways to monetize your blog, but it can take some time before you begin to get some actual benefit. 


There is a wide range of students who can help others to fix things, like those who are mastering Engineering, for instance. If you are one of them, why wouldn't you start such a business? 

- computers, laptops, smartphones. Everybody has gadgets, and there are plenty of things that can happen to those, from a cup of coffee spilled on the keyboard to hard drive issues. If you are good at it, it will be no big deal for you to find clientele among your fellow students and even teachers. 

- furniture and clothes. Fixing furniture and clothes professionally may require some proper education. But even if you don't have it, talent and experience will do for a student's startup. 

Beauty Services 

This field is more suitable for a limited group of students, as when it comes to working with people, there are particular skills you should have. 

1. hairdressing and barbering. Even if you know how to cut hair, you'll still have to take courses. But this can be combined with your studies and done pretty much on your own schedule.

2. make-up. Your friends and fellow students may need a professional makeup artist for some important occasions. Mind that such a business will only work if you do it right. Otherwise, you may lose both your business and a friend. You could also sell make-up and other beauty products with companies like Avon.

Teaching & Tutoring 

As a startup, you can teach people about anything you know and can do. But besides knowing what you are going to teach, you have to be very passionate and to know how to explain things. You could also help to write essays, study for tests or coach other students.

- Sports. Fitness, yoga, golf, dancing, etc. - anything you are good at can be an excellent foundation for your own business. 

- Languages. If you are an ESL student, you can teach it to children, for example. If you are not, you can help ESL students to learn English better. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to choose the right business to start when you're a college student or Millennial.

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