How To Improve Your Employee Dedication To Work

how to improve employee dedication

It is well known that your employees are an incredibly valuable asset to your business. Of course, that means that like any other assets you have to ensure that you are maximizing them. Something that relates to the issues of productivity, motivation, and dedication. With that in mind, the post below discusses how to encourage these qualities in your staff and improve the culture in your business to ensure you are getting the most from them possible. 

Performance Related Pay 

Controversial, it may be, but performance related pay, aka employee incentivization, is certainly effective in motivating your staff to do their absolute best. The are several ways of rolling this out within your business to choose from. You can opt to do something a little more informal by offering rewards like days out and specific prizes for individuals or teams that meet the targets set out for them. 

Alternatively, you can formalize the process and use a digital human resources management system, or HRMS to track performance and award pay accordingly. Something that makes it incredibly simple to set up and maintain over the long term. 

Culture Of Fun 

If work were fun it wouldn't be work, right? Well, the view of this is actually changing quite significantly. This is perhaps due to high profile companies such as Google and Disney opening up their head offices and showing the rest of the world how they get increase dedication, motivation, and creativity by encouraging a less stuffy and formal environment.

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to rush out and replace all of your office chairs with space hoppers and get a smoothie machine. Instead, you can start to examine the culture in your office and find some small ways to insert a little light relief into the working day. 

This may be by offering exercise classes, or meditation sessions. You can even add a games area for use in break time, as it can help your employees come back to work refreshed and raring to go. 


It’s a fact that people are much less likely to leave a job that they feel some sense of belonging in. That means creating this feeling is something that it can be very beneficial to dedication and motivation. 

To do this, it can be helpful to organize social events outside of the office, that allow team members to bond. It's also a smart idea to carefully consider the makeup of the teams that you have in your company and whether they are likely to get on and interact with one another.


Above even monetary rewards, when surveyed employees often say that they want more praise at work and recognition for the things they do well. After all, what is less motivating and off-putting than never hearing a peep from your superior unless you have made a mistake, and then getting balled out? Praise can be motivating, if it’s not patronizing.

Instead, encourage a culture of positivity, and praise where it's due. Although, do be careful not to cross the line into being patronizing, as this is likely to massively put your employees off, at least as much as criticism will and work against making them more dedicated and productive.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to better encourage your employees and earn their dedication with productivity.

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