5 Ways To Be A Better Manager Today

ways to be a better manager

The success or failure of a business largely relies on the quality of the management. If you run your own company or lead a team of people in a business, you should be taking steps to improve your own management skills wherever possible.

Formal training is a path that many people choose to go down, taking on a course like an online MBA in management. But there are also plenty of things that you can do today, so here are just a few skills that you should look to demonstrate wherever possible. 

Be A Motivator, Not A Fearmonger 

While some managers think the way to get the best out of their staff is with fear, people generally respond better to positive reinforcement. There are plenty of reasons why people work hard; it may be that they are invested in the project, want to receive the recognition and plaudits, or they are looking for a pay rise. The best managers find out what motivates each member of the team and work out ways that they can give them extra incentives to do their job successfully. 

Improve Your Communication 

If there is one thing that breaks down human relationships time and time again, it is poor communication. This is certainly the case in management employee relations, so you should be taking steps to improve your skills wherever possible. Of course, communication is a two-way street, so your employees should feel comfortable coming to you if they have any sort of problem in their working lives. 

Be Honest About Your Shortcomings 

The best managers are not the ones who have supreme self-confidence in everything they do. They are the ones who are willing to admit that they have areas of weakness and take steps to improve these. Simply having this level of self-awareness is an integral part of being a good manager, but that doesn’t mean that you lack confidence in what you are doing, and you should still be willing to face disasters head-on

Build Your Team 

A good team isn’t just a group of individuals who have been forced to work together. It takes time to foster and develop this team ethos - something that is worth the effort in the long-run. Of course, this is a delicate balancing act as there will inevitably be members of the same team that rub each other up the wrong way. But you need to be aware of these individual relationships, and how you can best get them to work together successfully. 

Be A Leader

As a manager, you should always be focused on leading your team towards a particular goal. You will be responsible for the overall direction that you are heading in, as well as bringing your team steadily towards it. This doesn’t mean that you should simply be telling people what to do all the time, but rather you should be motivating them to complete their individual tasks in the most effective way possible. 


Being a better manager isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, but hopefully, these points will get you moving in the right direction in your quest to become a great leader.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to become a better manager and boss today to lead your company to greatness.

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