Why A Happy Office Is A Productive Office

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Saying that most people spend the large majority of their days at the office, wouldn't be a long shot. With so much time spent inside office walls and so little spare time during the week, it might be hard to stay at peak performance. Weariness and office realities kick in, making that Monday to Friday work routine extremely dismal, resulting in employees working sub-optimally, to say the least. But you don't need to hear this, we’ve all been there ourselves and experienced it first-hand. Let’s see just how you could make life for your employees a bit less miserable. 

Personalized PCs 

Chances are everyone has just about the same work station, the same stock keyboard, same stock mouse, same stock mousemat and monitor with the same lamp on the side. What if you initially allowed your employees to pick from a selection of office equipment? Just a few choices which would make it feel a bit more tailored to them rather than the other way around? For all the already settled in members of staff, just give them some options to change up a few things. Custom mouse mats can be made on the cheap, allowing people to put pictures of their loved ones on them or anything else that comes to mind. 

Something as simple as an above-average mechanical keyboard, could make someone’s time at the office a much more enjoyable experience, considering typing is probably going to be the bulk of most people’s working days. 

Cleanliness & Tidiness 

Nobody wants to work in an office where they’re afraid to touch the tables in case their hand never unsticks from them. Dirty and grimy environments are not a positive thing to have around a workplace, and as much as most of the mess is probably the employee’s fault, as the employer, it is your job to understand that to an extent it is impossible to avoid. 

Investing in a cleaning service like OfficeCleanz is not only going to make life more enjoyable for everyone involved, it will also take a load off the employee's minds, allowing them to focus on work rather than making sure everything stays clean.

It Is The Little Things That Make A Big Impact 

As much as a slightly more personal PC might brighten up the day of a lot of people, there is a large portion of your staff which probably wouldn't care much for it. They might be more into the novelty coffee mugs kind of apparel. Some personalized or silly coffee mugs might just be enough to make someone’s morning a less dreary experience. It is on the cheap side too so giving someone a budget to order one online or something shouldn't be a problem. Cute and unique office supplies like character erasers, dog-themed staplers, or cool looking clocks will brighten up anyone’s day and possibly increase workplace productivity

Japan knows this, and in order to keep up their ridiculous work ethic, they have whole gigantic shops like LOFT dedicated to stationery and office supplies. From colour-coded post-it notes to more stickers you can shake a stick at, something is bound to catch the eye of the average office worker. Like the mugs, stationery isn't exactly expensive, and for a happier, more productive workforce it is a small price to pay. 


We all know that a happy office is a much more productive workplace. Keep your offices clean, organized, and inviting to make sure the workspace stays efficient.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to ensure you have a happy, efficient, organized and productive office or workspace. 

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