Long Term Success Tips For Digital Marketing

how to have long term success with digital marketing

It’s easy to fall for the appeal of investing entirely in flashy, quick marketing methods like web and video advertising. There’s no doubt that they can have an emotional punch that can immediately win you some converts. However, if you want to build a brand that’s recognizable and packs some punch, then you have to grow it with the long-term in mind as well. Here’s how you do that for lengthy digital marketing success.

Pride Of Place 

Your website should be one of the most effective tools for convincing and converting consumers in your arsenal. It’s worth investing in professional design and keeping it focused on user experience first and foremost. However, SEO from teams like Squawkia is an important part of its effectiveness, too. It improves your site’s visibility through search engines using relevant keywords. Not only does that add more exposure, but people tend to trust Google search results and being the first name to get that recommendation builds a lot of legitimacy, too.

Getting Them Talking 

There’s another issue of truth worth considering when it comes to relying solely on direct marketing, too. People know that you’re marketing, and they know why. They’re less likely to trust you on your word and to resist the message. Influencer marketing is an indirect way of having other trusted figures give a frank (and hopefully positive) opinion on your services. If other people are saying it, consumers are more likely to believe it.

Rally the troops 

As you’re building sales and creating happy customers, make sure you’re using them, too. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools of all, but you have to start by building it one customer at a time. Ask them not only to leave reviews, but to follow you on social media, to share through their own accounts, and even to direct queries to those channels. The more active a business looks on social media, the more engaged it appears to be, and the more positive proof that every follower and pleasant exchange lends the brand.

Got Something To Say? 

The importance of long-term marketing on the internet was something of a surprise, which it shares in common with the prevalence of content marketing. As Inc states, content marketing is as effective as it is precisely because of how it plays into other long-term strategies. It populates your site, adding more fuel to your SEO. It provides material to share on social media. It’s the building blocks of an email marketing campaign. Good, valuable content also builds a reputation that your business is a reliable, informed source of information and advice, too. In turn, that lends to the idea that you know what you’re doing.

Adapt & Evolve 

The best long-term strategy is only the best so long as it continues trying to be. There are a lot of analytic tools at your disposal, such as Google Analytics for the site and SEO, or social media management platforms. Continue to look at which posts get the most likes and shares organically, which content is the most popular, and which parts of the site you “lose” your visitors on. 


The factors above play into the kind of long-lived brand power that allows your business’s reputation to precede it. Advertising and other short-term methods will always prove effective at gaining sales when you need them, providing you’re doing it right. But long-term digital marketing turns customers into fans and creates a brand appeal that can make you the logical first choice for any consumer.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to play the long game with digital marketing, SEO, UX, and SMM.

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