Equip Your Office With These Essentials

As a business owner, you may think that you’ve already got everything down and accounted for. However, if you decide that you can’t function as effectively at home anymore, you may need to open up an office space. Apart from hiring people and installing desks for them to work at; what else do you need to invest in for your office? 

Business Telephone System 

The most basic thing you will need to install in your office is a phone system. Whether you are renting out a space in a large hub or have your own premises, the simple addition of a phone system allows you to contact your clients from a business phone number and not just through mobile. 

Computers and Software 

For any business, particularly in this day and age, a good computer system is essential. The flow of information from one place to another is the lifeblood of any business, and needs to be exploited with the best quality equipment. 

Make sure you install large screens, sleek keyboards and mice and a heavy duty server to cope with multiple devices. Also be aware to purchase multiple monitors for those who may need it. 

Computer Network and Internet Connection 

Good broadband is the difference between a successfully functioning office and a terrible one. It is what allows you to send emails to colleagues and out of the business, to set up meetings and keep your CRM system accessible. Find the best business deal you can, but don’t scrimp on your internet connection- because if you do it will slow down work and cost you more in the long term. 

Multifunction Printer 

No matter how much technology you thrust into people’s faces, there’s nothing quite like pen and paper. Installing a good printer or digital hybrid press allows employees to print off work, important financial documents and keep a filing system of office work and systems. 


If you aren’t at your desk and out and about, then having a smartphone to hand is essential for business professionals. A smartphone will allow you to access your emails, edit documents and still keep in touch with the team. It may be worth investing in smartphones for your employees so that you are able to reach them at all times during the working week. It’s convenient, allows you to work even when you are at home and keeps you well up to date at all times for meetings and events. 


We may print a lot of paper as a company, but once that paper is printed, it will eventually need to be destroyed to protect company information. Rather than paying for a company to take the documents and dispose of them for you, buy a shredder for each room in your building so that staff can do the shredding themselves. 

Mailing Equipment 

Most companies at some point will need to use the post; whether that be for posting out a promotion to clients or sending out products. It will be essential that you have an agreement with a mail carrier, access to stamps and bags, scales for parcels and software to make labels.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to equip your office with the essentials.

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