3 Considerations When Selecting A Business Premises

If you have reached the point where your business is ready to move from your home office and into a new location, then there’s a lot of work ahead of you. It’s worthy work; it’s work that is going to result in you being able to expand your business, push forward to the kind of future that you have been hoping you will be able to achieve - but it’s tough work in the meantime. 

Given how much time and effort it takes to organize a move into premises, the idea of even more things to think about probably isn’t that welcome. However, a few more notes on the “to do” list could be just what you need - as these considerations regarding which premises you choose are a little unusual. It’s one thing to source premises based off your basic needs for your company and the budget you have, but sometimes, you need to think a little more esoterically too - just so you can be sure you’re seeing the whole picture. 

To try and assist with that, here are three considerations for your business premises that you might otherwise have forgotten to think about… 

1) Soil Quality 

You might be thinking that soil quality really isn’t something you need to be concerned about. You’re a tech business; you’re not growing plants… so why would you possibly need to think about soil quality? Contaminated land can be a danger to the health of you and your employees, so that’s one reason. Another is regarding any future development work you might want to do. If you decide to expand the office, then you’re going to need to know it’s safe and feasible to do so by undergoing soil testing for the foundations. If there’s a problem, it’s better to know before you sign a lease or buy a property. Thinking of a future expansion in the midst of this expansion might sound extreme, but business is all about looking to the next steps. 

2) Transport Links 

A lot of premises are now set in huge industrial parks, which sound like a good idea - but in reality can present huge problems for any potential staff. When you come miles out of a city into an industrial park, then it’s unlikely that staff who are reliant on public transport are going to be able to work for you. 

This means you’ll either need to be ready to subsidize transport - such as through a company bus service - or you’re going to be making the talent pool you have to select staff from rather shallow. Both are feasible options, but you have to be ready for their potential consequences. 

3) Neighbors 

It’s always worth checking out your potential neighbors when you’re hiring or buying premises. Find out what industries they work in and - particularly - their working hours. If you’re near another business that relies heavily on its road haulage, for example, then there could be hours of the day when the roads surrounding your premises are bogged down with traffic. Or it could be a factory, which emits an unpleasant odor during production hours. All of these things are manageable, but it helps to know about them prior to moving into a new business, rather than after.

I hope you enjoyed this article about 3 unusual considerations when selecting business premises.

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