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The majority of us spend our school years wanting out. Some of us have a desire to make our way in the real world. Others want to escape those teachers who drive them crazy. Whatever your reason for not wanting to be there, we all think our lives will change when we leave school. 

And, there’s no denying that it’s true to some extent. There’s no safety net when you’re out in world. There aren’t any teachers to give you a kick up the backside, or a second chance. It’s dog eat dog. You won’t get detention if you’re late; you’ll get sacked. 

But, other than the obvious, school and business aren’t so far apart. In fact, the things that counted towards success in your school life could still have huge implications in the business world. Let’s look at how.


School is one of the most violent popularity contests you can imagine. Kids have low-self esteem at the best of times. But, they then have to deal with the popular kids holding all the currency. They get to dictate the best spots in the cafeteria, classroom, and anywhere else. If you’re not in the ‘clique,' your life can fast become miserable. 

It’s the thing most of us look forward to escaping from. But, popularity plays a larger role in business than you’d think. Only, you’re not trying to impress the cute girl; you’re impressing companies and clients. 

In school, of course, your friends are the key to popularity. It’s all about who you know. That still applies in business. Having the right connections can take you far. 

But, that’s not the only way to reach success. Money might not have bought you friends in school, but it can get you far in business. If you can afford a massive marketing campaign, or professional SEO services, you stand a much better chance. So, even the ‘unpopular’ kid could make it big. 


It may not always seem like it when you’re there, but school is all about learning. That’s the only real reason you’re attending, after all. You need to learn those lessons, to get good grades and set yourself up in life. 

And, learning is just as important when you start out in business. You need to accept that you don’t know everything and listen to what people around you have to teach. The chances are that you’ll come into contact with some amazing individuals who know some amazing things. Make sure to learn from them to ensure your business success! 

Work Ethic 

Of course, those lessons won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right work ethic to apply them. At school, the hardest working always get the best grades. In business, the hardest working get increased productivity. 

Those who are successful in school attend extra-curricular activities and master their lessons at home. You need to do the same with your business. The bare minimum 9-5 just won’t cut it if you want to make a success of yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this article about the business of education. 

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