6 Important Areas to Outsource as a Startup

As an entrepreneur looking to set up a new company, you probably don’t have a lot of working capital to ensure that things go smoothly, which is why you need to think very carefully about every single cent you spend, and why you should seriously consider the benefits of outsourcing. Even if you’re bootstrapping your business from the ground up, you could make savings and increase your profits by outsourcing, particularly in the key areas below. Check them out now: 


Unless your business idea is one that involves manufacturing products for other people, it’s a no-brainer that you should aim to outsource the manufacture of your products to a third-party if you want to save money. APPF's contract sewing service and the premium customized plush international manufacturing company Adorable World's toy manufacturing service are good examples of how a company can use outsourcing to their advantage. These companies already have big operations staffed by skilled individuals and that means they can start creating your product much more quickly and cheaply than you could ever hope to on your own. 


A lot of small businesses right now use software like QuickBooks to make it easier for them to manage their accounts, and although this is pretty cost-effective, if they’re employing someone to oversee their accounts, even with these software packages, they’re spending more than they need to. 

For the average small business, outsourcing to a freelance accountant who only needs to work on the accounts for a few hours every week is sure to be a more affordable option. 

Cloud Services 

Outsourcing the responsibility for your networking needs to a cloud computing company who will take care of all of that for you means that you won’t need to invest in lots of expensive servers, software packages, and IT services yourself, but you will be able to run your business just as effectively for a fraction of the cost. 


As a small startup, chances are that your administration needs won’t be too taxing and that means that you probably won’t need a dedicated admin team of your own. A good alternative would be to use a shared or virtual office space, where responsibility for utilities, security, manning the phones and office equipment is shared between multiple businesses and can be accessed for a very reasonable monthly fee. 

You could also think about hiring a virtual assistant on an as and when basis, should you need any additional help from time to time. 

Human Resources 

Once your business takes off, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to do some recruiting and if that’s the case, you should definitely consider outsourcing the hiring process to a company like BDO Drive who can handle everything from advertising positions to finding the perfect candidate to help you grow your business. You know it makes sense. 


Setting up a website and multiple social media channels is the best way to get your startup noticed, but this will only work if you're online content is search engine optimized. It isn’t too difficult to learn the principles of SEO, but it is also easy to get it wrong and more importantly, it can be extremely time-consuming, which is why it’s sensible to outsource to the professionals. 

Outsourcing Optimization

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money in business, and that is something that’s certainly true in these particular areas. The more you outsource, the more you can focus on your company's core competencies.

I hope you enjoyed this article about important areas of your startup that could consider outsourcing. 

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