How To Maximize Marketing With Subtle Strategies

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There is a reason why the internet has gone absolutely mental for the catchphrase Content Is King. It is the reason why almost every marketing executive has made content their core strategy. With the internet made up of websites and web pages, each of them boasting content, making yours as good as it can possibly be is absolutely vital. 

However, to say that content alone is going to take your business to the heights you’ve always dreamed of would be wrong because it won’t. No, there is far more to marketing than content alone. Creating content for the sake of content will not get your small business very far.

That is why we have come up with a list of marketing strategies that are so subtle you may not have heard of them, yet so effective you should consider using them. Yeah, these little methods could make all the difference to your current efforts.

The Age Of Minimalism 

Apple is one of the most successful business in the world right now - probably of all time - and the reasons for that is the changed the game when it came to marketing. Their designs, their packaging, their promotions, and branding. Steve Jobs was a genius, and loads can be learned from here. All of these are about as simple as it gets, yet this lack of complexity has made their complex tech products the most popular on the planet. It is something that has caught on too. Just look at Nike, Google, Uber and the likes of. They have all gone minimalist. 

Cater To The Skimmers 

People haven’t got the time, nor the desire, to read every word you write. They aren’t film producer’s reading a script. What people do instead is skim. They skim your content to find the important parts and the bits that are relevant to them. It is what we do with news, and it is what we do when it comes to digesting information. That is why you need to make sure your content is as quick and easy to consume as possible. 

This is easily accomplished through video marketing, like those sixty-second recipe videos you see all acrosss Facebook ads, or through marketing that offers its content in bite-size chunks. So long as it is easy for the consumer, it will work. 

Use Secret Brand Ambassadors 

We’re not talking about employing people as undercover ambassadors of your brand (not least because Millennials are too switched on for that to work), but rather having them be ambassadors of your brand without them even realizing. This could be done through old-school techniques like branded merchandise, in which a logo flash drive or branded coffee mug can have a huge amount of sway. Or it could be doing everything you can to have your content spread quickly on social media. Either way, you are encouraging other people to spread your brand message and that can have a huge impact on your marketing success. What’s more, it is almost entirely free too. 


The thing you can probably tell by this list is that, rather than it be about the content itself, your success has a lot to do with the delivery of said content. It isn’t the content that gets people interested, it is the way that it is given to them that really peaks their intrigue.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about subtle strategies for content marketing strategy that get the results your business needs.

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