How Mobile Apps Keep Your Business Afloat

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When it comes to business expenses, nothing comes as a shock like software. Many people underestimate the cost of business-grade software tools that have enhanced security and collaboration features, but it helps to pay attention to the ridiculous costs especially if you’re aiming to become a frugal business. One of the best ways to actually reduce your business’s running costs is to utilise apps and software that don’t cost much money and can offer you an incredible return on your investment

App Advantages

A great example of software that doesn’t cost money and is utilized by many businesses around the world is Google Docs. This simple word processing software is what many people use as their daily work tool, yet it’s free and doesn’t cost a penny to use. If you find more and more software packages and applications to work with, then you’re ultimately going to be more productive with your business while at the same time spending less money. Source 

Monitoring Customer Experience 

You can actually track customer experience in software based tools. By utilizing analytics and statistical data, it’s possible to monitor how your customers and even employees react based on certain conditions. This is essential for when you grow your business because you need to keep an eye on how the market is developing, what trends are becoming popular and how you can further improve your business model based on your customer’s reactions. 

Cheaper Design Packages 

Many digital media startups rely on software packages that allow them to create unique and original content with ease. However, packages like Adobe’s Creative Cloud can be expensive due to the costly monthly fees. A good way to get around these fees is to look for discounted or older versions, but there are always going to be cheaper or even free alternatives. 

For instance, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an incredibly popular image editing software package and website that offers many of the features that expensive alternatives do, only it’s free and doesn’t cost a single penny. It’s also open source, meaning a savvy programmer could actually implement their own features if they wanted to. 

There’s Always A Free Alternative 

As seen in the previous example, there are always cheaper alternatives available for anyone who’s willing to do a bit of research into the industry. One of the best ways to look for free alternatives is to simply search for open source business software. Open source software is, as the name implies, software where the source code is given out for free. 

This enables people to learn from the programming code but it also gives them the ability to change and modify features to their liking. Almost everything that is open source is also free, meaning there’s a whole range of cost-free software out there that you can utilize in your business without having to pay a penny. 

Final Words On Application Advantages

We all know that software can make running our businesses a lot easier, which is why looking for mobile apps and software packages on the internet is such a fantastic way to save money on your frugal business. Now it's time to get to work with your new mobile apps!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how a mobile application a day can help keep your lean startup standing upright.

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