R&D: The Importance Of Product Testing

With tools becoming cheaper and consumer-grade computer software and hardware becoming a lot more power, the world of manufacturing is changing. Unlike in the past, it’s now possible to design a product from start to finish, from the comfort of your own bedroom. Of course, along with this, once you’ve designed the product, you can also make it from home, using an array of modern technology. Going into this area without any experience can be hard, though. A lot of people make big mistakes, including failing to test their products correctly. 

Failing to test your products properly can lead to some big problems for your business. Unfortunately, if products have issues once they’ve been solved, and it’s your fault, you’ll have to perform a recall. A great example of this can be found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Upon realizing that around half of the phones in consumers hands had faulty batteries, Samsung lost over $3 Billion (US) recalling the phones and setting things right. If they weren’t such a huge company, this could have cost them a lot more than just money. 

Along with costing money in replacing products, this sort of issue can also cost a huge amount in customer confidence. If people are worried your products will break or cause harm to them, they won’t be willing to buy them. So, having a recall or wide-spread issues talked about online could be very expensive. A lot of modern companies have started to make their testing processes and methodology public to show their customers that they are thorough. People don’t expect this from you, but it still shows how important testing is. 

If your product actually injures someone or damages property, the costs of the issue could be a lot higher than a recall or losing customers. When people get hurt permanently, they can often chase after the people responsible for compensation. This could see you covering medical costs, loss of income, and even property damage. A website like Bootstrap Business has loads of resources to help you in this area, including information about personal injury rights. Sometimes, this payment will have to last for many years, putting a strain on your company for a long time.

Of course, it’s nice and easy to completely avoid all of these issues, and it can be done through a process which you should be doing anyway. When you make a product, the initial testing should never be left to you. Instead, by using a company you can have someone else do the testing for you. Companies like this have the experience and knowledge to notice problems which you would easily miss. But, along with this, having proof that someone else has tested the product would take a lot of the responsibility away from you if things went wrong. 

Testing Time

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the testing that goes into the products you sell. A lot of people ignore this area, choosing to put their product out early. But, doing this could cost you a small fortune which could easily be avoided.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the importance of research and development, including comprehensive product testing.

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