How To Give Customers Service And An Experience

There are a lot of things that have changed in the modern business world thanks to the internet. The rise of online shopping, the ability to market to larger groups of people than ever before, and many, many more things have fundamentally altered the way that many businesses work. However, there's one thing that has been changed more significantly than just about anything else in the internet age, and that is the way that customers interact with businesses. Where they might previously have taken something of a passive role in their contact with a business, the modern age has shifted in such a way that customers are much more used to playing a more active role in their interactions with businesses. 

In order to help you take advantage of this, here are some ways to offer your customers experiences instead of just services. 

The Brick And Mortar Store

Even though it takes place in the physical world, you can still feel the impact of the new dynamic between customers and businesses when they walk into your store. There was a time when customers needed nothing more than for you to stock the product that they needed at a reasonable price. 

Now, everything needs to be shared online, and you need to provide them with the methods to do it. Setting up a photo booth in the store or a dedicated spot for customers to take selfies are both great ways to turn any trip into your store not only into an event but one that they will be happy to share online with friends and family. This both helps to promote your business and creates an emotional connection to between you and your customers. 

Your Website

Interactivity is the central pillar of the way that customers experience the online world, and your business is no different. Now, this doesn't mean that you should be providing your customers with movies and games and any other gimmicks, but simply that everything from the design of your website to your SEO homepage content needs to be tailored to the kinds of customers that you want to attract. Your website should engage your customers in the same way any other piece of content does. If it doesn't do that, then they're likely to walk away without it making any impact on them whatsoever. 

Social Media

There are few things more annoying for a customer than to come across a really interesting, dynamic business, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and then find out that all they post is generic ads and occasional updates. You need to be able to create a social media persona for your business that will become a part of your customer's everyday web surfing experience. Whether you're producing entertaining video content or blog posts that give them a glimpse behind the scenes, offering regular, high-quality content to your social media followers is a fantastic way to build up the kind of customer base that your business really needs. 

CX Conclusion

Customers can be a fickle bunch, and you've got be able to adjust your business based on the things that they want and need. Rather than giving them what you think they want, pay close attention to the things that customers doing and saying online, that way you'll have a much better idea of what kind of experience to provide them with.

I hope you enjoyed this article about customers  needing a unique and positive customer experience in today's day and age.

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