Every Business Can Be More Efficient

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Every business no matter how much it thinks it’s doing to increase productivity and improve efficiency could be doing more. It seems like there is almost a limitless number of ways that savings can be made and efficiency increased. So, no matter how efficient you are right now, why not see if you could do more? 


Business owners, especially if they’re running a startup, think that doing everything themselves is a good idea – it’s not. It is usually far more efficient to delegate as many tasks as you possibly can to employees or freelancers so that you can concentrate on being the boss. The key is to delegate in such a way that everyone is doing the work that they’re most suited to. 

Invest in Better Tools 

Increasing efficiency can be as simple as switching from a cumbersome old generator to a brand new industrial diesel generator or investing in a Macbook that lets you take your work with you everywhere you go as opposed to a desktop PC only lets you work when you’re in the office. That’s why I always recommend auditing the tools you use to run your business at least once every year – it really can make a difference. 

Schedule Exercise Into The Day

As a business owner, you should take the time to schedule exercise into yours and your staff’s lives. Obviously, you can’t force them to workout, but by scheduling a voluntary exercise break into the day, which they can take up if they life, you will be encouraging them to get more productive. 

You see, sitting around all day isn’t good for anyone, and exercise has been shown to boost productivity. So, by getting your employees up and moving, even though it means less time for work, you will probably see a dramatic rise in efficiency. 

More Regular Breaks 

Of course, it has also been shown that people who work less work more efficiently overall. If you want to boost productivity, it might, therefore, be smart to give your employees more breaks, They can be shorter –even five minutes will make a difference – but if you offer breaks after every 90 minutes of work, you will see results. 


If a task can be automated – it should be automated. There is little sense paying an employee to input data or build a product of a robot can do it as effectively at a lower cost. So, looking into automation for your business and let your employees focus on the stuff that only a human can do. 

Monitor Everything 

Image source The only way you can really make your business more efficient is by knowing what you’re doing now and how time and effort is being wasted. That means that you should monitor everything from your staff to the machinery you use with a view to making changes. 

Is your business pretty efficient? Do you have any tips that other business owners might be able to use to boost productivity? Let us know on Twitter @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ways that all bootstrapping businesses can be more efficient.

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