4 Employees You Must Hire To Kickstart A Digital Presence

Let’s face it; any business that isn’t already on the internet is going to have an incredibly tough time breaking out and getting noticed. However, that’s not to say that if you’re late to the party you won’t have a chance. In fact, many people that startup a company with zero or very little capital probably haven’t gone as far to even create a website. They probably have some social media accounts and a tiny bit of exposure thanks to blogger outreach, but they’re nowhere near the levels of corporate giants such as Apple or Microsoft. 

So if you’re an at-home business or only just starting to grow your company, then here are a couple of employees that you definitely need to hire in order to grow your digital presence. Source 

Social Media Manager 

Also known as a community manager (depends on their role) or digital marketing manager depending on company size, a social media manager is going to be the guru that launches your company into the digital realm and puts it on the map. 

A social media manager is critical to any online presence campaign because they understand how the internet works. They know that trends are important, they know something can go viral and spread like wildfire, and they understand all the internet culture and how to take advantage of it in order to grow your business. However expensive hiring one might be, keep in mind that they’re experts on the internet—the place that you want to get noticed at. 

Network Expert 

A Juniper expert or similar role can play a huge role in your business’s success. It goes without saying that digital security is an incredibly important consideration for almost every business out there. However, without an adviser or an expert to help you, you’re going to expose yourself to the horrors of the internet: hackers. A single hacker could break into your weak security systems and sell sensitive data, release company secrets or even disrupt your regular business operations. Prevent this by safeguarding your digital presence with the help of a network security expert. 

Brand Designers 

No matter how good your business is, it’s not going to get noticed with a single text logo with clashing colors. Whether it’s a freelancer, from an outsourcing company or a trainee you hired, make sure you have a brand designer. They’ll be able to use color theory and smart design choices to create you a logo and other design elements that will resonate with your audience and make you memorable. The quality you receive is always going to be questionable, so it’s not the most reliable way to improve your digital presence. However, without at least a simple logo designed by an actual artist, you’re not going to get very far. 

Website Designers 

Your website will serve as a digital storefront for your business, which is why you need to hire a website designer to pretty it up for you. It’s usually the first thing your customers see when they search for your company on Google, which makes first impressions incredibly important. Don’t use free website templates, don’t hire someone off Fiverr to make your website and don’t try to do it yourself. Hire a professional with a good portfolio and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to draw attention to your website.

I hope you enjoyed this article about employees that you need to hire to kickstart your digital and social media presence.

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