How To Build Relationships With Construction Companies

If you’re managing a construction project, whether it’s large or small, it’s important that you manage the relationship between your business and the construction company. There is often tension in this area because of mismanaged expectations, deadlines not being met and budget issues which can all make for a stressful project. Rather than get embroiled in these issues later down the line, taking steps to manage the relationship effectively from the outset will help your project run smoother and leave both sides smiling at the other end. 

Choose Trust Over Cost 

While of course, the aim of your project will be to build the best project for the least amount of money. However, it can be all too simple to rush into a deal with a company that offers you the best rate, but may not have the best reputation. Speak to others in the industry about your intentions and get the feelers out for whether the companies you’re considering are trustworthy and can deliver on time. You may find that they offer advice about hiring design and construct services to ensure a smoother completion for your project, as opposed to hiring these services separately. The best deal may not necessarily be the one who does the work cheapest, but that actually delivers what they promise, when they promise it. 

Be Clear About Your Intentions 

Miscommunication is a key reason behind poor relationships with construction contractors. As the project manager, it is your duty to make sure that briefs are thorough, that both sides know exactly where they stand and what needs to be provided as well as making sure you have the skills and knowledge needed to handle relationships with contractors, something you may have a lack of experience of if you’ve only been an entrepreneur for a short time. A kick-off meeting with relevant parties can help everyone to air their concerns before the project begins and make sure that everyone knows where they stand. 

Clear Communication 

Communication is essential to any healthy relationship, and this is also true for relationships between businesses and construction companies contracted to them. This will help you avoid costly construction errors later down the line. Hold regular progress meetings that will help you identify any potential issues before they become a problem and to identify delays and changes to cost that could affect the project so that you’re prepared rather than being caught off guard. 

Be Assertive 

It can be easy to let some things slip by or to cut some slack because of your generous nature or optimistic beliefs, but you should always have your wits about you when handling large projects. One missed deadline can turn into four, and an overspend in one area could grow until you become massively over budget. If the other party isn’t playing ball, it’s time to get assertive and make your position clear over who is responsible for delays or spending issues. It makes sense to put in penalty clauses in your construction contract to avoid these occurrences and to make sure the other party pays up when they’re at fault. 

For entrepreneurs, building your business new premises is a sign that you’re expanding into the future and may well form part of your long term expansion strategy. While the construction could be your next step in expanding your business, it’s important that you get it right in order to succeed, and one way to do that may be to hire someone from outside who can take care of the project while you focus on the day to day running of your business ready for your move into your exciting new home.

I hope you enjoyed this article about building better relationships with construction companies to help save your business money.

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