5 Affordable Ways To Revamp Your Business

how to revamp business

Here’s a scenario that many bootstrapping business owners the world over find themselves in: 

Business has been slow for awhile. It doesn’t seem that you’re doing anything wrong exactly, but there’s a lackluster feeling about the whole enterprise. You’ve got enough orders to keep going, but that’s very different from feeling like business is booming

What’s even worse is that you aren’t feeling it so much anymore. The novelty of being your own boss is beginning to wear off, and you’re starting to feel like it’s just another job you have to drag yourself to on a daily basis. Budgetary concerns and financial management drudgery are taking their toll.  

So what can you do about it? 

It’s business revamp time

A business revamp could be just what you need to lift the spirits, get your heart back in it, and attract new customers. 

Of course, business revamps aren’t cheap - not if you’re going to do them properly, anyway. Given that we’ve established the business isn’t exactly flourishing with spare cash, how can you introduce new life to your company - but without breaking the bank? 

1) Redesign Your Logo 

Companies like WithOomph allow you to redesign your logo DIY style, for a fraction of what it could cost to hire a designer. A new logo can help breathe new life into a business, giving you a new sense of direction. Choose your logo to represent what you hope your business will be in the future; a little aspiration can go a long way. 

2) Relaunch The Same Campaigns 

If you have done advertising blitzes before, then finding the money for a new one is something you probably know is going to test your budget. But why does it have to be a new one? There’s nothing wrong with using the same literature and artwork that went into previous promotional materials, especially if you launch them on a smaller scale to keep costs down. 

3) Run A Giveaway 

If you want renewed interest in your company for relatively little effort, then a giveaway is definitely the way to go. Even if you run a services company rather than products, you can still advertise amazing discount rates or even free one-off services. Run these campaigns primarily on social media, with the insistence all entrants follow your business accounts to be allowed entry. The buzz should be enough to snare you a few more customers at least. 

4) Hire New Staff 

You might be wondering how such a suggestion counts as “affordable” - well, it depends on who you hire and for how much. Sometimes even just taking in an unpaid intern can be enough to get your excitement firing again, offering a new perspective. While long-term staff who have been with you through everything are hugely beneficial, it does often mean that you’re in an echo chamber of the same ideas from the same people. Introducing a new perspective - even for a short while - can start a whole new era of success for you. 

5) Attend A Trade Show 

You don’t need to pay to exhibit at a trade show to be able to make use of them. Trade shows are as much a networking opportunity as they are a chance for certain businesses to show off. So pack some business cards into your pocket and go and talk to people; you never know what might happen as a result of your efforts.

Build Better Business

Getting into a slump with your business can be detrimental to you and the bottom line. Power through the plateau and push your business to the next level with intelligent updates. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about affordable ways to revamp your bootstrapped business.

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