How To Make A Small Business Office Look Professional

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For a small business, reputation is everything. Without trust at the center of your public relations, the future looks dry and bleak without attention and more business interactions. Reputation is born out of a good product, excellent service, and quality care for those who wish to get involved with you; such as investors. However, even the smartest genius in the world will be required to wear a suit and tie to a job interview, as such you business’ image is equally telling. The manifestation of your pride and confidence is your headquarters, and when clients and intrigued potential partners or investors walk into the office, they should immediately feel reassured that you run a professional operation and team. You don’t need to be a skilled designer decor specialist, but you must have the ability to discern between casual and formal office styles. 

The Entrance 

Because you’re still growing, you may not have a secretary because of the budget constraints, however, a plinth or statue that represents your business can still be your domineering mascot. In the waiting area of your business, you could have a bare wall where the names of the high-ranking superiors are on display as a form of public image and representation of the people who believe in the brand. On this, you should spare no expense as the building you’re in, takes on the spirit of yourself and embodies the ethos of what your business stands for. 

The Greeting 

It’s not just an image; it’s a statement. Yet, the differences between etching and engraving are apparent even to the naked eye. Etching is done by a sandblaster and remains colorless. It also compromises the integrity of the brick, with cracks and erosion setting in. Engraving is done via a pinpoint laser, being controlled off computer software, for a personalized design, unlike etching which uses a stencil. A bold display of your and the company’s name is a sign of pride and authority in a physical form that guests will respect. 

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The Main Office

As it’s a small office, keep clutter down to a minimum; this means your staff should respect filing and not leave papers randomly strewed all over their desks. Keep the computer work area tidy, by asking your staff to keep posted notes to a minimum also, or out of sight such as not sticking them to the computer screen or filing cabinet. Across the hallway or on the walls, display your certificate and any awards you have won so when you’re taking guests on tour, they can see your business recognized for its prowess and success. Aside from your office, you may also have a meeting room harbored within the central office. 

The Decor 

The table in this room can be chic and made entirely out of glass with no metal rim. And as the central office, the lighting should have some kind of shade such as an orb or half crescent moon design. The chairs could be in the color of your company logo, and they should be professional office chairs and stay clear of the task or ergo office chairs. Far from being generic, you should go for a positive posture mesh chair that looks urban and lively; keeping staff motivated and comfortable. For your regular employees, the desk color should be a light beige to keep things inviting, but your high-ranking staff should have desks which are serious. A brown or white desk would differentiate those of a higher responsibility and cut loose from the main workforce as their officers and captains.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make your small business office headquarters look even more professional.

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