Don't Maintain The Marketing Status Quo

There is such a thing as a social status quo, an existing state of affairs, that is applied to the world of marketing. While it might seem easier for most companies to stick to the way marketing strategies are done and have always been done, it is the wrong approach. In reality, the riskiest thing that you can do in the world of marketing is to maintain the status quo. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, has a similar approach to the creation of new stories. Take a look at the latest Disney’s successes to convince yourself that the status quo is not always there to be respected. While it may be difficult to consider throwing away your reassuring marketing strategies, it is always time to question your marketing certitudes and approaches. This may be the start of a marketing renewal, or it may just give you the key to improve your current methods. Questioning the status quo is key to growth. Advertising vandalism 

Why Shouldn’t Good Old Marketing Tactics Work? 

It is common knowledge that direct mails and cold calling methods are old-fashioned and ineffective. But it’s hard to understand where that assumption comes from. Indeed, research has shown that direct mails have directly linked to an increase in brand awareness. Additionally, cold calls when linked to a direct mail approach can be effective – they appear less out of the blue. This is especially true for travel, entertainment and hospitality sectors, where the marketing strategy relies on fulfilling their clients’ dreams. Indeed, leisure and timeshare owner leads prefer to receive an informative mail – direct mail is preferred as it can lie on the desk as you call – from potential suppliers before receiving a call. This allows them to review your offer, evaluate if your brand communication fits their vision, and establish what they need to know and discuss with you on the phone to make up their mind. Other sectors rely less on the dream-like brochure to sell and consequently respond less to it. 

Video Marketing That Creates An Emotion 

Video marketing is essential, but it can also be very irritating. Most users resent TV spots and find them annoying, as most brands show similar messages. Additionally, a lot of industry sectors are criticized for presenting unrealistic results, such as the finance and fitness sectors. So you might believe that staying out of the video marketing sphere is for the best. However, if you manage to channel a universal emotion, such as Dove with the definition of beauty for all types of women and not only the tall and slim ones, then you can reach new customers and creates a strong brand image. Emotionally-charged marketing videos help your customers to feel recognized and valued. They feel like you are talking to them, instead of at them, which is a common issue for most marketing strategies. 

Challenge The Idea Of Advertisement 

It seems that marketing strategies focus on advertising. Why shouldn’t they? For most companies, advertising is the best way to acquire new customers. However, some businesses have a policy of not investing in advertising. Instead they prefer to maximize investment in self-improvement strategies. The in-store experience is optimized to keep customers satisfied. This strategy is effective in bringing more sales and improving the brand reputation by turning customers into advocates. So is advertising a deal-maker for you?

I hope you enjoyed this article about challenging the status quo in the world of marketing.

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