4 Cheap Ways To Grow Your Customer Base

cheap effective ways grow customer base

Businesses big and small share one common goal: build their customer base. The logic behind this is simple; the more customers you have the more sales you will make and the more revenue you will get to enjoy. The problem for those bootstrapping their startup is resources. Getting more customers when you haven’t got the funds to splash out on a TV advert to be shown at halftime of the Super Bowl can be quite hard. Actually, any and all fancy advertising options will be nothing more than pipe dreams for you. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your client base in other ways. Oh, yes. That’s right. There are cheap and effective marketing strategies to help bring more people to your business. Our two favorite words; cheap and effective. 

Wonderful Word Of Mouth 

The oldest ways are still the best ways, even in this digital day and age. Sure, the results may not come as hard and fast as when you indulge in TV advertising, but you’ll still get the results. What’s more, you’ll have the added benefit of a testimonial. People are more wary of paid advertisements than ever before, and that is where word of mouth has the upper hand. So make your customer happier, in which there is some good advice here because when a customer is satisfied with your business and trusts you, their satisfaction and enthusiasm will resonate with others far more effectively than mobile marketing

Free Is The Magic Number 

There is not a consumer on the planet that doesn’t love free stuff so use this to your advantage by giving away some of your products, or services, for free. Yeah. Absolutely nothing, and in return, you get three amazing benefits. Firstly, your existence will be known. Secondly, you are giving your potential customers a risk-free way to use and experience your product or service is. And lastly, you get to show them just how awesome your product or service is, and what great value it is too. Trust us, free really is the magic number. 

Offer Discounts And Deals 

It may not have quite the same allure as something that is free, but that doesn’t mean discounts and deals don’t have a way of attracting people to your business. They can have huge benefits for your business. Everyone wants to save a bit of money here and there, it is part and parcel of both business and pleasure. But that isn’t the only thing they get in return because a good deal is a good deal. It is better value for money. What’s more, discounts and deals play to a customer’s instinct and forces them to act now or forever live with this missed opportunity? We know what deals and discounts are like; they go fast and they may not be around tomorrow and that gets their buying juices flowing. 

Creative Competition 

Money won is a lot sweeter than money earned. That’s how the old phrase goes, and it can be used right across the board because people love the idea of winning something. It’s the prize and it’s the thrill. But that’s not all. A competition also sparks a big culture of sharing. You’ve probably been scrolling through Facebook at some point and seen a few of your friends liking and commenting on a photo of a tiny house that they can win by just liking and commenting. It’s genius and another reason why your business needs to use social media. It creates a buzz that costs absolutely nothing, gets people liking your social media page and buying from your business.

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