4 Modern Office Makeovers On A Budget

A lot of offices have never been renovated to match modern design trends. Unfortunately these are not retro design spaces, but instead places where the wallpaper, paint, fixtures and furniture have not been updated in many years. They may not look quite as neat and clean or welcoming as you'd like and it could be effecting your bottom line one way or another. If your office has these problems, it is time for a change. Give it a modern makeover by following these four simple strategies: 

Pick Modern Elements 

Modern design focuses on an uncluttered space that features furniture and appliances designed with clean lines and geometric shapes. Office technologies have a cutting-edge or futuristic appearance. Some elements in the room like lighting fixtures might almost look like modern art. Common materials used in this look include natural and engineered stone, wood, metal, leather, laminate, resins and plastic. 

Open the Space 

Modern offices have open floor plans that focus on making spaces airy zones that allow for better traffic flow, less cluttered thinking and more open communication. Cubicles are replaced by desks that usually face each other and comfortable chair and couch lounge spots where employees can work from portable devices, hold meetings and relax during breaks. White and gray shades throughout accented with splashes of vibrant or muted color increase the open room sensation. 

Show the Construction 

One popular modern trend is "exposed" construction. This is also known as the "industrial" or "bare" look. Instead of hiding construction materials behind plaster, drywall, wallpaper and paint, you expose them so that the office has an unfinished or industrial appearance. This strategy focuses on exposing structures like pipes, wall framework, concrete blocks and bricks. For example, consider removing ceiling tiles to expose pipes or strip away partial or entire sections of wallpaper that cover concrete and brick walls. Work with your contractor, like the professionals at Mendelssohn Construction, to decide what would be best structurally while still incorporating an industrial look to the design. 

Install Modern Art 

A modern office should also contain modern art that displays abstract design, geometric shapes and primitive symbols. A mix of materials, textures, colors and shapes is expressed through paintings, sculptures and other art forms. The modern art styles that you choose should support your brand and the tone you want to set in the office. For example, if you want to create a positive, energetic and lively mood, you would choose artwork that features a pleasant subject matter in bright colors. 

It is likely that some of your clients and visitors currently feel like your business is stuck in the past and not open to new ideas. Show that you are an innovator at work by implementing these modern renovation strategies today.

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to modernize your office on a shoestring budget.

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