5 Construction Marketing Ideas That Are Worthwhile

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Marketing, in any industry, is a time consuming and challenging process. Whether you have the budget to hire an outside construction marketing firm or do it from a home office, it has to be right. It is all too simple to spend more money than you will make with your efforts if you are not careful. Avoid the death of a thousand cuts: there are so many cheap options that you can end up spending big bucks doing a lot on construction marketing. 

You Need To Focus

Take advantage of all the opportunities online advertising offers you. The upfront investment of time, money, and energy is high but the long term costs are reasonable. Here are the top five construction marketing ideas that won’t break the bank. 

Know Your Identity 

Marketing construction starts with communicating with your customer who you are. It starts by stating what you do. 

This may sound obvious, but are you certain that your logo, imagery, and online content make it clear? Too often the message communicated gets muddled with the desire to be all things to all people. 

Give them more info on what you offer. If you specialize in kitchen remodels, say so. You must separate yourself from the pack. Use imagery and video to back up your assertions. 

Continue With SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of honing your website’s content into a form that search engines find attractive. The rules vary a little site to site, but they all prioritize at least these things: 

1. Interesting & valuable content 
2. Smart keywords 
3. A streamlined and friendly web interface 
4. Relevant internal and external links to related resources

While an expert can be a huge help, especially for those who find writing a challenge, but they are not necessary. 

Be The Expert 

If you know your stuff you need to say so and share your expertise in construction. This is a great way to get hook a potential customer's interest. 

Maintain a blog, offer advice, and speak publicly about your expertise. Regardless of how you put yourself out there, you will create trust and credibility. 

Get Social With Your Construction Marketing Ideas 

The impact of social media is obvious on our culture. Facebook, especially, is a great tool to get started with for construction marketing. 

Start out by building out your business profile. Once your page is up, fill it with plenty of eye- catching pictures. Share your new page with everyone you know and then get busy. What do you post? Interesting video content is best. Facebook is starving for it. 

Regardless of what you choose to post, make sure that you dig into their advertising tools. It is amazing how easy, and cheap, it can be to reach a mass audience for your construction company

Ask For Reviews 

There are many review websites out there with Google for Business being the biggest of them all. You want to be on all them and track them religiously. 

I cannot understate the value of managing your reputation. You may not always want to face it, but doing so can be of huge value for your construction business. 

Potential clients see businesses that request reviews as trustworthy. You can reinforce this by responding thoughtfully to both good and bad feedback. This is the reputation you want to cultivate above all others! 

Construction Marketing Does Not Have To Be Mysterious 

Whether you hire an expert, or not, marketing is not magic. The above construction marketing and startup ideas are a great, clean way, to get started. 

Do you still feel like you are in the weeds? If so, check out more marketing related posts below or throughout the Bootstrap Business Blog.

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