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Owning a business means that you need to do everything possible to get the name of your company out in the open. It could be by mailing advertisements to homes in the community or setting up social media pages so that others can see the products and services that are offered. It's sometimes best to use a few different marketing strategies to make your company stand out from others. Here are some basic introductory methods to help promote your company:

Point Of Purchase (POP)

This is an easy and more traditional way to market new items and items that are on sale. You've probably experienced this type of marketing when you go to the store. Displays with toys, candy, magazines and other items are placed at the cash register area so that you see them when you're checking out. Most people will complete an impulse buy transaction, getting something that they see while their purchase is being rung up, which is a benefit for the store as it makes money without much of an effort. Most of the time, stores don't even need to say anything about the items that are for sale. They simply need to put up a sale price for the items, luring customers to buy the products. 


When you check the mail you're probably used to getting advertisements, free samples, coupons, flyers, catalogs, and more from many local businsses. If you own a startup or small business then you also might want to consider putting samples in boxes and packages that are a bit on the odd side to stand out from the competition. Consider packages that are in the shape of the item or that are in bold colors that will grab the attention of the consumer. Add a few coupons inside or discounts on the services that the company offers, and you'll likely see an increase in the number of customers you have. Tubes, like the ones found at Chicago Mailing Tube Co., are often a good idea as they are slender, which means that they don't take up a lot of room and small samples can easily fit inside. It will get the recipient's attention and they'll be more likely to respond to your promotion.

Social Media 

Since there literally BILLIONS of people who are on social media sites, why not use these free platforms as a way to advertise? As a business you can offer promotions that customers can access only by visiting the social media site or coupons that can be printed exclusively from specific pages. This is also a way to keep customers informed about the latest sales that are offered by the company as well as basic information about the business. If you want to be extra "hip" these days, you can reach more Millennials with Snapchat Marketing.

From advertising online to creative mailers, there are numerous ways that you can market your company name. You need to make sure your name stands out, so always try to offer the best discounts and unique promotions that will entice customers.

I hope you enjoyed this article about investing in some marketing basics.

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