Leverage Your $10 Digital Media Startup For A Corporate Career

You can leverage your digital media expertise you've learned here at Bootstrap Business to earn a great small business or corporate career in more of a 9-5 capacity. Chances are if you've gone through the my Bootstrap Business tips and tutorials, you aren't really looking to work a 9-5 job. You probably want a major change in the status quo. You can skip to the next section if you need to, but you might want to keep an open mind.

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur year after year isn't for everyone. Even if you're a die-hard entrepreneur now or can't wait to drop your current job, your perspective now it can certainly change. Entrepreneurship can cause severe burnout over time and the security of consistent work, health benefits, paid vacation, and a 401k might be major considerations depending on where you are in your personal and financial life. You can always be a "sidepreneur" and enjoy entrepreneurial business ventures during your free time with a full safety net.

And if you can leverage the self-education you've gained here online instead of a costly college degree or MBA, for a rewarding career where the sky is the limit... isn't that one of the best returns on investment you can get?

So how would you go about doing this? You've already proven that you can be an Influencer on social and traditional media, and that influence can carry over to a normal 9-5 position. A  lot of small businesses and corporations need influencers to help promote their products, services, jobs, events, culture, charities, and much more. You've proven that you can drive brand awareness and sales and now you can do it for a company that you are passionate about. When you help to give them an edge on the competition that only a digital influencer can provide, it will be in their best interest to keep you well compensated.


I hope you enjoyed this article about leveraging your digital expertise for a traditional small business or corporate career.

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