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I haven’t picked up a can of shaving cream since the first little flecks of a mustache sprouted on my upper lip. Why is that, you ask? Listen, and I shall explain the art of shaving.

While visiting my grandfather on Cape Cod during my teens, I asked him, with shaving cream can in hand, to borrow his razor. He looked at me and said, “shaving cream, sheesh, that stuff is garbage.” I didn’t think anything of it at the moment, but he continued by explaining how he used a brush and soap and their benefits. From years previously, I remember seeing my father’s brush in the medicine closet. However, there was something about the shaving cream hate coming from an eighty-year-old WWII vet that hammered the concept home.

After that day, I grabbed my first shaving brush, lathered it up, scrubbed my scruff, and proceeded to embark on the first shave of the rest of my life. I haven’t turned back. This is why I ditch the shaving cream nowadays.

Here are some top Tips From Highland Men’s Care and our frugal beauty experts.


Using a shaving brush is probably the best step to improving a man’s shaving results and clearing up shaving irritations. The benefits of a shaving brush over your fingers include:
  • Generates more lather
  • Uses less shaving cream, gel or soap
  • Lifts hair on your face
  • Opens up your pores
  • Naturally exfoliates your skin
  • Closer shave and better shave
  • Less irritation, razor burn, & ingrown hairs

Though ignored by many for decades, shaving brushes are making a big comeback and quickly becoming very popular with men looking to get the best skin and shave possible. Shaving brushes will last for many years so select the very best you can afford. They give you a better shave while reducing irritation, provide great pleasure in using, and look great in your bathroom.

  • Badger Hair Shaving Brushes – These are considered the best type of brushes for shaving. Badger hair is soft, flexible, and comes in different grades. The fine tips of the badger hair help to make a smooth, creamy lather and lubricate the skin for a very close, noni-irritating shave. The brushes are made in several sizes and come with different types of handles. Most badger hair comes from China and the brushes are mostly made in England and Germany. There are three main types of badger hair:
    • Silvertip Badger Hair – The rarest, softest type and best grade. Untrimmed tips with silvertip coloring. Most expensive with prices range from $100 - $500. Handmade.
    • Super Badger Hair – Outstanding grade only used in hand filled brushes. Longer and softer hair than the "Best" badger brushes. Untrimmed tips with a black band capped with white tips. Excellent for shaving with prices ranging from $80 - $150.
    • Best Badger Hair sometimes referred to as Standard or Pure Badger Hair) – A high quality brush that is the most common and very popular. Prices range from $50 - $100.

  • Boar Hair Shaving Brushes – Boar hair shaving brushes are coarser and stiffer than badger hair brushes and less expensive. Their prices typically range from $15 - $25.
  • Synthetic Hair Shaving Brushes – Traditionally, these brushes have been stiffer and coarser than badger hair brushes. They do not hold water as well or compare in shaving quality to the boar or badger hair brushes. They are the least expensive shaving brushes with prices ranging from $5 - $25. Recently, new softer synthetic brushes have been introduced.

So, go out there and buy yourself a nice brush, clean up your neckline, and give it a whirl. It will do wonders for your face and is pretty badass. There is a store in most malls called The Art of Shaving. Give it a peek or check out some sites online – like Details For Men. Imagine how the ladies will react when they feel the smooth cheeks on their main squeeze. You will love it once you try it.

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