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The Business of Law Enforcement

Speeding Ticket Edition:

With Contributors Jon, Paula, and Grant

Jon: Check out

This is hysterical. People post speed traps - obviously to warn other drivers. Should we, the people, stick it to the authority and support ideas like this? Or is it our civic duty to help protect the laws of our country. Hmmmm......

Paula: I agree! I think that stopping people from speeding in a reckless way is completely legit but from my (maybe not entirely unbiased) experience speed traps are often a way in which cops can just sit in their car and essentially wait for their monthly ticket quota to be fulfilled. I do think protecting the laws of the country is important but when I think about upholding the law, I think of not stealing, killing, etc, staying under 40mph doesn't really come to mind.

Mike's Input: While I don't think that the cops doing these speed traps are lazy and crooked, I do know that they are pressured by their superiors at times to fill their quota. That pressure causes them to stop some citizens that are barely going over the speed limit, even if they are not endangering other drivers on the road. While these police officers do a good job of protecting us from drunk drivers and people severely over the speed limit, I don't think telling others about common speed traps is that big of a deal. It still causes people to be more cautious when driving in that general area, if less people get pulled over then the cops can focus on the real offenders. In my opinion, cops should be concerned with bigger fish than somebody going 7 mph over the speed limit.

Don't even get me started on parking tickets...haha

Grant: all i can say is that parking tickets are AWFUL!!!!!!!! i think that is all that needs to be said. especially if you are the unfortunate soul to get a ticket in the city of Boston.

Jon: Tickets really do suck. I mean they are certainly around for a few very good reasons - but I am not a fan. Two thumbs down to tickets (especially parking tickets).

Mike's 2 Cents: Also, speeding tickets and parking tickets can eventually result in many police officers using stereotypes based on vehicle appearances, driver appearance, racial profiling, time of day, preconceived notions, etc. Unfortunately it's inevitable.

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