How Online Marketing Has Changed With Social Media

how online marketing changed from social media platforms

Social media has hugely impacted marketing. The ability to reach your customers, see what they are interested in and interact with them has changed the way that businesses operate. Social media has also influenced politics and other areas of life, making it easier than ever to create personas for your target market. These changes have increased the importance of data collection and analytics to tailor your message and ensure it gets across effectively. With all these changes, it can be difficult for companies who want to stay ahead of the game! 

Here is how online marketing has changed over time: 

Growth Of Social Media 

Social media has grown exponentially over the last few years, thanks to the internet and smartphones. Consumers are increasingly spending time on their mobile phones using their favourite apps. Although not all these apps are social media, for example, some are games, social media is often linked to them. You can share your running stats or steps or your high scores on your preferred social media account. For this reason, social media is filled with adverts from companies trying to attract their target audience. 

It Is Easier To Target Potential Customers 

Social media has made it easier to target and find potential customers. It is not just the most popular pages that are getting attention from the people you want to reach—social media can help you find niche audiences based on demographics, interests, and location. This means you will be able to zero in on your target audience more than ever before. With so many different platforms, it’s essential to identify where your customers are likely to find you. Use social media guides to discover the best social media for your business to effectively reach your target audience

Creating Audience Personas 

Social media has made it much easier to create audience personas. In fact, it can be said that social media is the best tool for creating personas since it allows you to understand your audience on a deeper and more personal level. Personas help you understand what your audience wants and what they are looking for, which can make marketing campaigns more effective. 

Marketing Campaigns Can Be Tested Quickly And Easily 

One of the major benefits of social media marketing is that you can test your marketing campaigns quickly and easily. Traditional advertising can take months to implement a campaign, and then it is even longer to measure its effectiveness. Social media allows you to track data from your campaign and see if it is working before it is too late. If a campaign isn't doing well, you can adjust accordingly to optimize results. 

Marketing Has Become More Global As A Result Of Social Media 

As a result of the global reach of social media, marketing has become more global. In the past, it was not uncommon for businesses to focus their promotions on a single market or even just one country. The problem with this type of social media marketing (SMM) strategy is that it becomes very expensive and time-consuming to expand into foreign markets. 

The rise in popularity of Internet usage around the world has made it easier for businesses to use social media channels as an entry point into additional markets, reaching people who may not have been reached before because of geographic limitations. Now that anyone can create a profile on Facebook or Twitter and interact with people from all around the world (as long as they have Internet access), business owners don't have to worry about their audiences being limited based on where they live or work. 

Data Is Much More Important 

Data is the new oil. It’s the fuel for growth, and it can be used to help you understand your customers better. It can also help you make better decisions, which will lead to a better customer experience. Social media allows you to collect, analyze and use data that can help you make better decisions. For example, you can see how many people interact with your content on each social network, which helps provide insight into what content resonates most. 

Once companies have collected this data, they can then cater their advertising to reflect the wants and needs of the users. This is something we have already seen in the fashion industry, the travel industry, and the online casino industry. 

Suppose adverts for a specific type of casino game or online slot are trending well. In that case, they know that these are of general interest and can recommend them to customers through promotional material. Casinos worldwide, from the UK to Saudi Arabia, are looking for ways to gain new customers, and offering the most popular casino games is a great way to do that. Another way is by offering exciting welcome bonuses, such as $1500 + 150 free spins, that persuade users to pick them over their competitors. The best online casinos in Saudi Arabia and worldwide use these marketing techniques to help grow their businesses. This kind of growth would not be possible if it weren’t for the data collected on social media sites. 


We hope this article has helped you to understand how social media has changed the marketing landscape. It is a powerful tool, but it is important not to rely on one thing alone. Social media is just one of many ways that marketers can use today, there are many other tools and aspects which are vital in business growth.

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