Mythic + Mode In The World Of Warcraft Guide For New Players

mythic+ mode world of warcraft new players wow tips

Mythic + is a raid system that is geared towards endless progression, with a constant improvement in rewards upon successful completion for five players in World of Warcraft (WoW). 

Players will compete against both the timer and stronger monsters and the boss, which now have more health and strong attack. 

The higher the difficulty level of the dungeon, the higher the reward, but it will also be much more difficult to pass such a dungeon. 

To go through the dungeons at the mythic level +10 and +15, you need to strictly follow the guide, or pay a full-fledged mythic 10 boost from professional players, where you will get all the reward and experience. 

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Group Members 

Please note that the maximum allowed number of players in a group is 5 people. Your task is to distribute roles and choose classes so that you can effectively resist the boss and monsters, but also be ready for any surprises, and there will be plenty of them, depending on the level of difficulty of the dungeon. 

Take a tank - a defensive type of war that will absorb the main damage of the boss and his followers at all stages of the dungeon. His task is to constantly keep the main opponents on him and prevent them from attacking others, especially the support. 

Support is a healer - It is important that the support class can heal the tank and remove negative effects from it. Shaman is perfect. The healer should be able to cast health-supporting skills on the tank that will increase the tank's natural regeneration and help it survive heavy damage. 

DPS - the other three positions are better to take attacking classes that can deal both massive and single damage. Stun abilities will be a plus in any raid - they are unlikely to work on the boss, but it will definitely work to disable assistants. 

The better DPS classes work, the less burden falls on the tank and the healer. 

Consider Death Knight, Priest, Mage, Warrior And Warlock during this World Of Warcraft gaming experience.

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Start Of Passage 

To start the Mythic Dungeon, at least one of the five raid members must have a special Mythic Key, which can be knocked out from the bosses of the previous levels of the dungeon, or obtained from the challenger's chest. 

When you are about to enter the dungeon, be sure to set the appropriate Mythic + difficulty. 

There should be a font of power in the dungeon, which the player with the mythic key will activate if everything was done correctly. 

Interact with the dungeon interface and place the keys in special slots to activate the start of the dungeon and the start of the timer report. When the report is completed, you can proceed to the beginning of the passage. 

Mythic + Raid Features 

The task of the players is to complete a reinforced analogue of the familiar raid within a set period of time in order to receive a more valuable reward - equipment of level 281 and above. 

All players will receive a chest with loot and upgrade the Mythic Key to the next level if the raid was successful. 

After a successful raid, all players will be introduced to the dungeon interface, provided with information on the timer and the epochal key. The system will show a reward if the player manages to beat the timer record. 

Mythic + raid has no locks, and players can complete the dungeon as many times as at least one player has keys. The system allows you to receive a reward an infinite number of times, subject to a more successful completion of the timer than the last time. 

The higher the difficulty of the dungeon, the higher the level of reward that will be received from the chest upon completion of the raid. 

Each player gets their own bounty chest and loot is tied to character class to provide everyone with really useful gear. If the timer was completed successfully, then two players will receive a random additional reward. Players can exchange dropped equipment among themselves as part of a raid. 

An important feature in WoW is limited resurrections. Mythic raids now have a criterion for returning fallen comrades to the line, and only 5 resurrection points for the entire group. When entering the dungeon, the first and only point will be awarded, allowing you to resurrect the fallen. 

Every 10 minutes, another point will be awarded, so special hopes are placed on the healer, but everyone else should also not substitute their healer and be careful. 

Remember that you will not be able to redistribute your talents inside the Mythic + dungeon, even if you have the appropriate reagents. Take care of this issue before entering the dungeon so as not to let down your party members and not burn valuable keys in vain. 

Equipment exchange will also be unavailable for the group, except for equipment from the Shadowlands update.

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