Benefits And Values Of Agile Development Services

benefits agile development services

This type of development methodology anticipates the need for flexibility and applies a level of pragmatism to the delivery of the finished product. This type of software development will force a cultural change in many companies because it focuses on the clean delivery of individual pieces or parts of the software and not on the complete application. 

We can talk about some of the benefits and values ​​of agile development services which include its ability to help teams in an evolving landscape while maintaining a focus on efficiently delivering business value. Companies using agile software development can be confident that they are releasing a high-quality product, as testing occurs throughout development, providing the opportunity to make changes as needed and alert teams to changes. any potential problems. 

Regarding the values, there are 3 that stand out the most: 

3 Values Of Agile Development Services

1. Focus On Working Software Instead Of Full Documentation

Before Agile, a great deal of time was spent documenting the product throughout development for delivery. The list of documented requirements was extensive and would cause major delays in the development process. While Agile doesn't eliminate the use of documentation, it simplifies it in a way that provides the developer with only the information needed to get the job done such as user stories. The Agile Manifesto still values ​​the documentation process but places more value on software that works. 

2. Stay Focused On Responding To Change

Traditional software development was used to avoid changes because it was considered an unwanted expense. Agile eliminates this idea. The short iterations in the Agile cycle allow for easy changes, helping the team modify the process to better suit their needs, not the other way around. In general, agile software development believes that change is always a way to improve the project and provide additional value. 

3. Collaboration Instead Of Contract Negotiations 

Agile focuses on collaboration between the client and the project manager, rather than negotiations between the two, to work out the details of the delivery. Collaborating with the customer means being included throughout the development process, not just at the beginning and end, making it easier for teams to meet their customers' needs. For example, in agile software development, the customer may be included at different intervals for product demonstrations. However, the customer could also be present and interact with the teams daily, attending all the meetings and making sure that the product meets their wishes. 

Final Thoughts On Agile Development Services

In conclusion, we could talk a bit about the disadvantages and advantages of Agile. The idea behind the Agile model, in which everyone, including the business side, was kept involved and informed in the development process, represented a profound change both in the company culture and in the ability to bring better software to market faster. quickly. 

Collaboration and communication became as important as technology, and because the Agile Manifesto is open to interpretation, Agile has been adapted and modified to suit organizations of all sizes and types.

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