5 Things You Want Your Minneapolis SEO Agency To Do For You

things you want seo agency to do for you search engine optimization agencies

Minneapolis has many SEO agencies competing for your business. If you have a company but you don’t do in-house SEO, that means you likely need to hire one of these agencies so they can help you. Nearly all businesses need SEO if they’re going to compete with other companies in their niche. 

If you are looking at companies that can provide local SEO services in Minneapolis, you must talk to each candidate to see what they bring to the table. You might ask them whether they can do the following 5 tasks for you. 

1. Generate More Website Traffic 

When a Minneapolis company approaches an SEO agency, no two of them will want exactly the same things. However, most businesses that want to hire an SEO agency will need that agency to direct more traffic to their website. That’s a fundamental need that almost always pays dividends. 

The SEO agency to which you speak should have the latest tools and techniques in their arsenal to get more people to come to your site. The more independent visitors you have every day, week, month, or quarter, the likelier you’ll generate more profit. 

When you talk to the agency you’re considering, they should outline their plan to get you more website traffic. They should also explain it so you can understand it, even if you didn’t know much about SEO going into the meeting. 

For instance, if the SEO agency you approach wants to generate more organic search traffic for you, they should explain how they’ll do that. You should also see those results in the timeframe the agency specifies. 

2. Lower Bounce Rate 

You might not know the term bounce rate if you don’t work in the SEO field, but once you understand what it means, you’ll know your company’s website needs to improve it at all costs. Bounce rate refers to when someone visits your company’s site, but then they immediately leave because they don’t like what they see. 

If your business’s site has a high bounce rate, the Google algorithm will drop it lower in the search results when specific keywords or phrases come up. Other companies will poach your clients if you have a high bounce rate. 

Your SEO agency should have ideas to lower your bounce rate. They might take steps to make your content more compelling, so visitors will spend more time there. The more time an individual spends on a site, the more likely they will buy a product or utilize one of your services. 

3. Generate More Sales 

Generating sales should be your company’s ultimate goal. The more sales you make, the higher your potential profit margin. When you make more money, you can open new store locations, launch more aggressive ad campaigns, expand into new markets, and so forth. 

Getting more individuals to visit your site and lowering your website’s bounce rate can help generate more sales, but that’s not always the case. Your SEO agency should have some concrete ideas about how to get people to convert once they reach your site. Ask them about that and see whether you agree with what they suggest. 

4. Increase Your Brand Visibility 

You might also want the SEO agency you hire to help you with brand visibility. Brand visibility and identity don’t directly pertain to SEO, but they’re all part of an overarching marketing ideology. 

If you already have some individuals or an entire team handling your company’s marketing, you’ll want them to huddle with your SEO agency so they can get on the same page with their strategies. With better brand visibility should come a lower bounce rate, more website visits, and the other critical metrics we mentioned earlier. 

5. Increase Your Visibility On Social Media 

The SEO agency you hire can likely help you with your social media strategy as well. SEO extends beyond search engines. When an agency or individual does it correctly, it’s also a more inclusive marketing strategy that frequently includes social media. 

You should already have social media accounts on relevant platforms for your business, but the right SEO agency can work with you on your strategy in this regard. The agency might want you to scale down or eliminate some social media accounts if it doesn’t feel those platforms can help you. 

They might work with you on the content you put out or how often you post. Tweaking your company’s social media approach can work wonders for you from a marketing standpoint.

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