Air Conditioner Broken? Common Issues Needing Repair

air conditioner not working common issues needing ac repair fix hvac

There is nothing worse than having the air conditioner break down when you need it the most – when you have got that important client presentation or when you are preparing lunch in the sweltering heat. We can think of several different scenarios, but the point is this – if your air conditioning system breaks down, it could be due to a minor problem, or it could involve major repairs (even replacement!). But here is the thing: some issues are more common than most, and if you could eliminate these, at least you will be on your way to a much better air conditioning system. And if you do need to bring in the professionals, at least you could give them a better idea of the problem instead of mumbling something that doesn't make sense. 

But what are the most common issues that need repair, anyway? Here is what you need to know about 4 usual AC fixes whether you DIY or hire an HVAC professional. 

 Air Filters 

Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as air filters – dirty ones, that is. Air filters play an important role because they effectively prevent dirt and dust from entering the ducts. Along with this, filters can trap dust, preventing it from entering your premises. So if your air filters are dirty, they could constrict airflow and prevent your system from working optimally. However, the solution is simple – replace your filters about twice a year. But it is important to note that if your filters get dirty very easily – in less than a month or so – the ductwork in your system may be filled with dust, as confirmed by specialists in AC repair in Aurora IL, like McNally. When it is full of dust, your best choice would be to hire an HVAC specialist. 


Another potential problem with many HVAC systems today would be the thermostat. The role of a thermostat would be for you to set a comfortable temperature on your property. The thermostat should send the information to your AC unit or furnace to adjust the temperature accordingly. But if the temperature is too hot or too cold, your thermostat may need replacement. In some cases, the thermostat is not correctly calibrated – and while you can calibrate it yourself, if the manual isn't easy to understand, you can call on an AC repair professional to be of service. 

• Not Enough Maintenance 

There is also such a thing as your HVAC system not having enough maintenance. What does this mean? It means you need to maintain your system, especially if it has been working hard all summer or winter! Ideally, an AC repair provider should inspect your HVAC system right before the summer season so they can replace or repair any bad components. Alternatively, you should get the same technician to check your HVAC system, especially your furnace, in the fall. Remember that summer and winter are often the busiest time for HVAC specialists, so if you have a system breakdown, it can be difficult for them to find time in their busy schedule to address your needed repair. 

 Leaks In Refrigerant 

Refrigerant is toxic, and it is a chemical that draws out the moisture and heat from the air to cool the air. if you think your refrigerant may be leaking, it is best to call a technician right away. They can seal the leak or replace the unit’s evaporator coil, and they can also inspect the condenser coil to make sure everything is in order. You want a clean and tight AC unit for safety and efficacy.

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