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Bitcoin Faucets are a great way to introduce Bitcoin to new users or just for people to get familiar with Bitcoin. There isn't usually an incentive of any kind unless you're at one of the few Bitcoin faucets that pay out in Bitcoin itself. To find out more, read on about Bitcoin Faucets and how they work! For further information, you can visit bitcoin buyer

What Are Bitcoin Faucets? 

A Bitcoin faucet is simply a website that gives away free Bitcoins (or sometimes another cryptocurrency) designed to introduce people to Bitcoin. These sites typically pay small amounts on a regular basis because there are so many visitors. Some only dispense fractions of a single penny because it's all they can afford due to their small crypto-wallet size. Others dispense larger amounts like Bitcoin Dice Faucet that is listed below! 

How To Earn From Bitcoin Faucets 

After you complete the captcha and/or offer, you will receive payment after an average time frame. If you have enough visitors coming through to your Bitcoin faucet then this could be as little as an hour or two each time. Bitcoin faucets are probably great for any Bitcoin enthusiast looking to flex their Bitcoin muscles and get used to using Bitcoin. 

What Is The Payout At A Bitcoin Faucet? 

Well that depends on the site! Here are some of the best BTC faucet sites:

- Bitcoin Faucet Rotators 
- Bitcoin Dice 
- Bitcoin Slots 
- Bitcoin Mining 
- Bitcoin Investment 
- Bitcoin Sweepstakes 
- Bitcoin Lending 
- Bitcoin Exchanges 

What Are Some Of The Best Bitcoin Faucets? 

6 Top Highest Paying Sites And My Personal Picks 

1. Bitcoin Zebra 

This is one of the newest Bitcoin faucets that has gone viral. There are many cool features that give this faucet an edge over others like the fact that you can actually earn more than just Satoshi here. Along with your standard payout, your bonus multiplier will get bigger and bigger the longer you stay on the site! I also love their referral program where both you and your referrals earn more satoshi for life.
You can also pick up free Bitcoins through their daily bonus section. 

2. Bitcoin Madnezz 

Bitcoin Madnezz is my favorite Bitcoin Faucet because I can actually employ the use of it to play Bitcoin Dice at the same time! The faucet dispenses five m BTC each time you claim and awards up to 200 m BTC in referrals. 

3. Bitcoin Mining 

This faucet allows you to claim free Bitcoins every 60 minutes or so, but they also allow claimants to get paid out in fractions of Bitcoin too rather than just Satoshi's. If you're looking for a little bit more power, then you might want to check their Auto Mining section that shoots up your balance whenever there are no claims available. You can pick up free Bitcoins through their daily mining bonus too! 

4. Bitcoin World 

Bitcoin World is another Bitcoin Faucet with a Bitcoin Dice twist. You can also play Bitcoin Lotto here which gives you the chance to win up to 1 Bitcoin daily! The Bitcoin faucet dispenses anywhere from 5 m BTC - 10 m BTC each time and has an instant withdrawal option too. 

5. Bitcoin Rush 

Bitcoin Rush is related to Bit Fun (mentioned below) and lets you claim free Satoshis every 30 minutes with their awesome bonus multiplier. They only payout once per day, so this might not be one of the most productive ones on our list but it's still worth mentioning. As far as I know, this is one of the highest paying free Bitcoin faucets around today so give it a shot! 

6. Bitcoin Aliens 

This is another one of my favorite Bitcoin faucets because it actually has a game to play! I know you're probably thinking, "A game?" Well, kind of. You download their Bitcoin Aliens app which then lets you mine for free Bitcoins whenever your device isn't in use (similar to Coinbase). It also pays out Satoshis through the traditional faucet method too. 

Alternatives To Bitcoin Faucets 

Like I said above, You can earn bitcoins by playing games or using apps like EarnHoney or CoinBrawl. These apps will payout in BTC rather than Satoshis so keep that in mind as they might not be as convenient as a direct deposit straight into your Bitcoin wallet. 

Crypto Conclusion

If you are looking for Bitcoin faucets that payout in Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold then check out this Bitcoin Faucet list on Bitcoin Kippo. I'm not sure how frequently they are updated, but it might be worth looking into if you're interested in those types of Bitcoins faucets.

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