5 Trusted Websites To Help Earn Extra Cash Online

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Looking to make a little extra income online in the recession? Here are five reputable websites that can help you get started earning additional income. 

All of these top online platforms offer opportunities to earn money through activities such as taking surveys, creating videos, or selling items digitally. The opportunity to earn extra income is everywhere today with the internet.

So if you are looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side, be sure to check out these 5 top sites! 

1. Survey Junkie For Taking Online Surveys 

If you decide to take surveys to increase your money, use reputable companies that have been around for a while. Also, make sure that the company has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Survey Junkie is a trusted online paid survey site where the company pays you in points for completing surveys. You can then redeem these points and get cash or gift cards. 

You can make a little extra money on the side by taking surveys. In this way, you don't lose your money on essential expenses and can help you grow your budget over time. 

When it comes to making money online, it is hard to beat taking surveys for cash!

2. YouTube As A Modern Way Of Earning Extra Bucks 

Love vlogging? Do you enjoy creating unique new video content?

That’s the process of creating how-to videos and showing your audience tips and tricks so they learn something new. YouTube has become a go-to source for not just entertainment, but education! 

For example, if you love cooking you can share your recipes and create your own YouTube cooking channel. Once you get a large enough audience, you can earn ad revenue based on your videos' views through AdSense while promoting your other proprietary products like affiliate links, courses, e-books, and merchandise. 

The sky is the limit as a monetized YouTuber, including posting product reviews and sponsored content for cash.

3. Fiverr For Doing Jobs Online 

People often need small tasks to be completed. That is where Fiverr comes in. This website is a great way to find quick and easy jobs which you can do from home. 

Tasks on Fiverr can range from designing a logo to writing a short article. 

Here you are setting your own hours and rates. The rates start from $5 and increase according to your skills and experience. 

In the beginning, you might need to start with lower rates. After doing a few projects, you can increase your rates and earn more money. 

Upwork and other similar sites are also worth looking at as Fiverr alternatives or supplements.

4. Amazon FBA To Sell Items Online 

Selling items online is a great way to make some extra money. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can help you do just that! 

You need to ship your products to an Amazon warehouse, and they take care of the rest. Amazon handles shipping products to the customer, returns, and complaints while you rake in the cash. 

You don't even need to have a lot of inventory on hand. In fact, many people use Amazon FBA as a way to sell excess stock or discontinued items. 

It's not always a simple and straightforward process though as some "gurus" may tell you. It does take time, trial and error, and risk so it pays to educate yourself on the process before diving in headfirst with this income channel. 

5. GoDaddy To Buy And Sell Domain Names 

Do you like coming up with clever domain names? If so, you could make some extra money by selling them on GoDaddy! 

GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, so there's always demand for new and unique domain names. You can buy them usually for around $10-20 if they aren't premium domains and sell them for 3-4+ figure amounts to the right buyers.

The best part? You will set your own price for the domain names, so you are in complete control of how much money you make when flipping domains. You can use sell your domain names or websites on sites like GoDaddy, Flippa, Afternic, and many other marketplaces.

Our Top 5 Reliable Websites For Extra Cash 

It is easier than ever to make extra money from home. The best part is, all you need is to just start. Today, we highlighted five trusted and reliable websites, Survey Junkie, YouTube, Fiver, Amazon FBA, and GoDaddy. 

While Amazon FBA might require some startup capital, others like Survey Junkie, Fiverr don’t require any money at all to get started. Why not get started today to begin learning and earning? 

Which one are you going to get started with first for your online side hustle?

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