8 Side Incomes That Make You Extra Money

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You may have a 9–5 job that pays your bills and takes care of your groceries. However, with these tough economic times, a full-time job just isn't enough. Sometimes, a savvy side hustle is necessary to assist in covering expenses and boosting your savings or disposable income. An extra revenue stream can really go a long way in today's economy. 


Fortunately, working from home creates a flexible environment for you to earn a passive income through a side hustle. If you are confused about which side income venture to choose, this article will enlighten you. Here are the best side hustles you can do in your free time. 

8 Top Side Hustles To Make More Money

1. Become A Delivery Driver 

One of the most effective ways of making extra cash is by being a delivery driver. This job is becoming one of the most popular worldwide, and also among the best side hustles. You can deliver food and groceries or packages to people's homes in your free time and in the process, make good money. And with many people using food delivery apps during these social distancing times, there is plenty of work and the pay is good. 

Companies like Amazon, UPS, and DoorDash are always hiring and have been offering rising rates due to labor shortage. These are secure side gigs even in a recession economy.

2. Start A Drop-Shipping Business 

Drop-shipping is one of the top side hustles. It lets you sell products directly to customers without requiring you to purchase any inventory. Apart from that, startup costs are low, which means your risks are also kept to a bare minimum. Typically, the manufacturer carries the inventory and delivers products to the customer while you remain with marketing and customer service roles. Most dropshippers work through Amazon FBA or Alibaba ecommerce platforms. 

If you've got strong marketing skills and understand e-commerce, then drop-shipping is perfect for you. 

3. Start Blogging 

Blogging is a side hustle you can do from anywhere, just like playing games at Platin Casino UK. It lets you build a brand and earn money while writing about things you are passionate about. When starting a blog, ensure you are focusing on a niche that has a wide target population. You can make cash from blogging by adding affiliate links in your blog posts. However, as your platform grows, you can monetize it by running ads or taking on potential partnerships. 

The sky is the limit though when it comes to blogging, as it is one of the most versatile and powerful options for potential side income profits.

4. Flip Websites 

Investing in flip websites is also a great way of making money. This simply involves buying an established website and improving it by increasing the traffic that visits it. It can also involve developing a site that you think maybe having great potential and selling it later for a profit. The bottom line is that if you look at websites like assets that can be bought and sold, then you have a great opportunity of making good cash. You can buy and sell websites at a profit on platforms like GoDaddy, Afternic, and Flippa among other marketplaces. 

5. Sell Designs And Crafts Online 

Do you have a pastime such as sewing, graphic design, making pottery or painting? Then you can turn that into extra cash. You can sell your designs and crafts on websites like Instagram and Etsy and earn from the comfort of your house. Alternatively, sites like Fiverr and Upwork can connect you with potential customers. Although the pay on these platforms varies, you could land a lucrative and consistent side job if you find the right option. 

6. Rent Your Property 

If you have a property that you don't often use, you can rent it out for some extra cash. For example, services like Airbnb allow you to rent out a room or even your entire house hence offering a way of creating an income. You will get paid a day after a visitor checks into the premises. Alternatively, if you own a car which you rarely use, you can always rent it out and earn some good money. 

7. Sell Things That You Do Not Need Or Do Not Use 

One of the best ways of making cash if you are in a fix is to sell things at online marketplaces. Any item that you no longer need or use including furniture, home appliances, or collectibles, can be sold on Craigslist or eBay and fetch a tidy sum. In fact, if you are serious, you can do it professionally and earn a commission. Just take quality images and give a good description of the item and off you go. 

8. Become A Freelance Writer Or Proof-Reader 

There are various legitimate ways of earning money through online freelancing as a top side hustle. If you're good at writing, making videos, or proofreading, there are lots of opportunities you can exploit online. Other freelancing options available include transcription, bookkeeping, virtual assistance as well as online social media management. In short, there is limitless potential in online freelancing, that is, if you are tech-savvy and have some unique skills. 

Start Side Hustling Successfully 

Hopefully, this article will give you some insights into what we think are the best side hustles. However, the list is not exhaustive as there are lots of money-making ventures you can choose. While some of the side jobs have little growth potential, others such as blogging have immense potential. Since each side gig is unique in its own way, always research thoroughly, and you will definitely find a side hustle that will suit you perfectly.

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