5 Ways To Build Your Brand And Business Beyond

ways build your brand boost business beyond organic reach

When a lot of businesses think of branding, they immediately think of Facebook marketing and Instagram ads. Some even consider Facebook Group posting, Facebook Events, or Facebook parties to build their online brand. Facebook parties are an excellent way to grow your business and establish your brand online. But once you have perfected your Facebook party strategy, you learn that there are other effective avenues to grow even more at a remarkable speed. 

In this article, we are going to delve into ways that you can build your brand and business on the web beyond Facebook parties or Meta marketing to have a more successful experience building your business brand. 

5 Tactics To Build Your Business Brand

1. Blogging 

As you may have already deduced, we like to blog. Blogging helps you grab a piece of webs, search, and social media real estate where you have the ultimate control. A business blog is an avenue where you can share your experiences and express yourself without the many limitations set by platforms like Facebook. If your blog is self-hosted or on a non-restrictive platform, you can write pretty much anything to promote your branding.

When you publish content on your blog, you attract people that like your writing style and if they enjoy it, they will check in every so often to see whether you’ve posted something that can help them. Hopefully they will subscribe to daily or weekly updates to your company blog for even more readership and traffic. Also, blogging is an excellent way to funnel people from Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, or website and direct them wherever you wish. 

2. Email Marketing 

Newsletters tend to be impersonal and generic, but once you’ve established your own voice and brand, your subscribers will be more receptive and even look forward to your emails. People prefer doing business with people they know, and trust, and with the help of email marketing, you’re certain to grab their attention. 

You will be in a position to share your own experiences and control the content plus the frequency of the newsletters. Email marketing platforms are free or low in cost and have a proven high ROI year after year if used correctly.

3. Facebook Live And Instagram 

Despite plateauing / declining numbers on Facebook and Instagram losing users to TikTok lately, they are still 2 of the largest social media networks in the world with around 3 billion users. Live videos still work well on Facebook and IG. Watching a recorded video or live session of you gives your target audience a sense of who you really are with more authenticity. Through this avenue, people will immediately connect with you and have a sneak peek into your life. Record videos and post them on Facebook or Insta and share to other social platforms or microblogging platforms. This will help in getting your name and brand out there. 

Instagram (owned by Facebook parent company Meta) also helps in keeping your brand ahead of the curve. Being active on Instagram can make all the difference to your online efforts. Why not create engagement by buying some followers or even buying Instagram comments for your posts to create initial traction and growth momentum. Use this in conjunction with IGTV and Reels to grow your brand on one of the most popular social media platforms. 

4. Webinars 

You can think of webinars like hosting a virtual get-together with the ability to chat. You can set up a webinar basically how you like. There are varying options including where you’re the only person visible, or converse with everyone face to face. You can teach the audience your expertise and your team members or customers will turn to you for more information. 

Webinars are effective as they can reach a vast number of people on the web and benefit from them seeing you as a specialist in your niche. Record your webinars and use them for evergreen content to generate leads and revenue while boosting branding.

5. Planning Ahead 

Other than Facebook parties, you can also schedule social media content. This allows you to come out as consistent, which helps in brand and business growth. With a solid plan in place, you will have time to focus on other important aspects of your business such as recording that video, writing that newsletter or blog post and even engaging with your followers. 

You also want to zoom out and plan ahead for the future of marketing: the metaverse. With Facebook transitioning to Meta and the metaverse being built daily, this new digital realm is something to keep in mind when planning your business branding for the future.

Simply put, planning ahead will put your branding ahead - and fast! If you fail to plan with your brand building, you plan to fail.

The Bottom Line On Building Better Branding

As you can see, there are many channels and avenues to build your business and brand on the web. The best part is that you can use them all for even better results.

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