Why The Construction Industry Future Relies On Worksite Data

construction industry future harness worksite data

Drones are revolutionizing the construction industry, helping companies optimize workflows throughout every step of a project. Drone data collection via frequent aerial flights allows construction crews to solve problems quicker, more accurately, and through less costly means, as frequent project monitoring streamlines day-to-day operations and keeps projects on time and on budget. 

How do you turn drone survey data into insightful actions that optimize your operations on the jobsite? It is easy with a cloud-based platform like Propeller Aero. Simply fly the site and Propeller does the rest of the work for you by creating textured models, 3D point clouds, orthophotos, and more to help your team make quick, informed decisions to keep operations on track. 

Read on to discover how drones are helping solve real-world problems on construction sites worldwide. 

Calculate Volumes 

The most popular use case for drones on the construction site is measuring cut and fill volumes. For earthworks crews, being able to accurately calculate volumes of material that must be moved is invaluable. Frequent 3D drone surveys are a better alternative than traditional survey methods, helping you track earth-moving operations safely and more economically. 

Compare Site Conditions Against Design 

Frequent drone surveys help crews who are actively moving earth compare current conditions on the ground against the project plan quickly and easily. Within the Propeller Platform, all it takes is overlaying design surfaces on the 3D site map generated by the drone survey. You have all the information you need on a single screen, allowing you to check whether volumes and elevations match design and what changes you need to make to ensure your progress matches the final design. 

Track Progress 

Many construction projects run over time and over budget, which is why frequent progress tracking is so invaluable. Regular drone surveys help you visualize the transformation of the jobsite as work progresses, helping you make sure you’re staying on schedule. Stakeholders especially appreciate frequent progress tracking and reports as these assure them that work is going to plan. 

Inspect Assets Remotely 

Depending on the type of company you run and the work you do, you may have assets on the jobsite you need to inspect. The Propeller Platform makes it easy for you to view high-res images captured by drones, that can be annotated, downloaded and shared with crews on the ground and project stakeholders. Not only does this save you time and money, but it also helps you identify and address potential safety risks on the jobsite. 

Resolve Disputes 

Moving dirt that doesn’t need to be moved is a waste of time and money. With drone survey data and Propeller’s timeline feature and reports, you have more insights into your projects and can easily determine how much contractors should be paid based on the work they’ve completed. Every survey adds to the cloud-based audit trail that documents how the site looks in a moment in time, so you always have a reference to show exactly where earth has been moved and when. 

Drone Survey Data Is Enhancing The Construction Industry 

When it comes to optimizing workflows and streamlining day-to-day operations in the construction industry, drone survey data helps construction teams keep projects on time and on budget. With Propeller Aero’s cloud-based data processing platform, it is never been easier or faster to get an up-to-date look at conditions on the jobsite, helping construction site managers make informed decisions that promote safety and efficiency with every project.

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