5 Tips To Promote A Cleaning Business On Social Media

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People will eventually start letting people into their homes without worrying about the virus. If you own a cleaning business, it's a great time to focus on growth. Just make sure you know how to acquire an avalanche of new customers. 

Posting on social media is a great idea if you are serious about becoming huge. If it's not working for your cleaning business at the moment, you are doing it wrong. Here are a few ideas that will send lots of visitors to your cleaner company website. 

1. Tell Everyone What You Use 

A potential customer will know you use basic equipment like a mop and broom but talk about the flexible snake you use to clean drains. Go into detail about the exact chemicals you use when you are battling tough stains. 

Once people see what you're using, they will be able to imagine their home looking much cleaner. They probably only use simple cleaning equipment. It is going to persuade a lot of your followers to reach out for a quote. 

2. Try To Make People Laugh 

The hardest thing about succeeding on social media is catching someone's attention. You will do well if you come up with funny videos that make people laugh. If you look on TikTok, you might see everyone dancing around. 

Maybe you could dance while using floor sweeper machines without banging into anything. Shake your hips when you are wiping marks off windows. Once someone enjoys a funny video, they will take a closer look at your offerings. 

3. Give Away Your Cleaning Hacks 

When you have been cleaning for a long time, you start to learn lots of hacks. If your floor scrubber lease runs out, a hack might be the only way you can finish a job. Have you ever thrown orange and lemon peels into the garbage disposal? 

I'm sure you know people love hacks because they are cool. If they are good enough, you could even go viral. You will become an automatic authority on cleaning homes when everyone starts talking about you. 

4. Post Before And After Photos 

Take a photo of something dirty while you are cleaning. After you have finished, you should take a photo showing how different it looks. Have you seen fitness professionals posting before and after photos online? 

It's the same when you post before/after cleaning photos. Everyone who sees them will know you are capable of doing a great job. It is obviously a lot more interesting when the before photo leaves your followers shocked. 

5. Showcase Your Testimonials 

Don't be afraid to post testimonials on social media. Just make sure you don't do it too much. Most followers don't care what other people have to say about you, but it's going to help those thinking about hiring you. 

It's easier to hand over your money when you know someone has glowing reviews. Make sure they're legit because less savory characters make them up themselves. If you can get video testimonials, it's even more beneficial. 

Get Started Before It's Too Late 

Your competitors will be trying to steal customers from you, so don't waste any time trying to fill up your schedule. You might need to bring in someone else if things go well and your cleaning company expands.

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