How To Insure Young Drivers Competitively

how to insure young drivers affordably

When you have young drivers to insure, the job of obtaining cheaper insurance becomes harder. Thankfully, it is possible to obtain competitive quotations online from insurers that are amenable to young drivers. When it comes to competitiveness there is, for instance, one sure insurance who can help with all kinds of insurance quotations. 

Car Choice 

It is important to keep the engine size down when you are a young driver. Cars with higher engine sizes attract the highest premiums. In particular, the sportier models. If you can avoid this type for your first vehicle, until you have built up some claim-free no claims bonus, then you will end up paying less for insurance. 

Accepting A Higher Excess 

An excess is the amount of a claim that the insured person will pay in the event of an accident. 

Higher excesses are normally applied to policies where there are younger drivers. These will be compulsory excesses. Then, it can often be possible to elect to accept a voluntary excess on top to further reduce a premium. 

Avoid Car Modifications 

It is tempting for younger motorists to want to impress friends and want to modify a vehicle to make it more interesting or faster. This should be avoided. The insurer will need to know about any engine and other modifications that might make the vehicle faster or more of a theft risk. This will not only make finding insurance harder but narrow down the choice of insurers and so take away the chance of finding a competitive quotation. 

Add A Named Driver To Your Policy 

Another promising idea to keep insurance costs down for a younger driver is considered to be that you add a named driver to a policy. This will need to be somebody older rather than younger. 

Someone like a parent. This sharing of the use of the car in the eyes of an insurer will mean that the risk is reduced when young drivers are considered to have more accidents on average than older drivers. Insurance history proves the fact, so there is no getting away from the statistic. 

Adopt Safe Driving Habits 

You should never be tempted to show off your driving skills in front of friends because invariably this can lead to increasing your speed or carrying out risky actions inside your vehicle. Also, you may want to build up to the kind of roads and situations you try until you are experienced. Avoid narrow lanes and motorways in the first instance and just get used to driving the easier roads to build up driving skills and road awareness. 

It is good to become independent in your vehicle as soon as possible but there is no harm in having a sensible adult sit with you a few more times after you have passed your driving test. It is a worrying statistic how many accidents happen soon after someone has just passed their test. You hear of write-offs of the brand-new car a parent has bought. Buying an older car with a lower engine capacity to start with and taking all the help you can get will driving tips will help lower insurance costs by reducing the risk of accidents. 

Improve Vehicle Security 

This is something every driver can do but always a clever idea when you are paying a higher premium in the first place as it can only result in a discount off the price. 

Thatcham-approved devices represent security systems that insurance companies like. Thatcham Category 2 is a category given to only immobilisers. Alarms are not awarded the status. The rating means that the device will isolate at least two circuits that are required to allow a car to run properly. This is the ultimate level of security to stop a thief from driving your vehicle away. Insurers recognise the fact, and you will appreciate the extra security on your vehicle. Claims mean paying excesses and extra premiums. A typical excess for fire and theft is £100. 

Improved Insurance

There is much that can be done when it comes to achieving a cheaper quotation for a young driver, whether that is yourself or you are the parent reading this. Look for a company that will specialise in young driver quotations or at least will entertain the idea of them, then look to these other factors. A first vehicle should be insurance-friendly to keep the premium down. Another way to lower an insurance premium is to accept a higher excess. Then we can improve our situation further by adding a parent to a policy, driving safely, and securing our vehicle further.

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