The Best Survey Software For Market Research

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In order to correctly conduct a market research, you need a survey software that is flexible, easy to use and to collect data. This is why the best market research survey software should allow a great deal of customization for your purposes. 

With a flexible software program, you can create CATI, CAWI, CAPI or mixed questionnaires to submit to your audience and be able to collect the data and analyze results. 

What Is Market Research Software? 

Market research SaaS is a tool you can use to create different types of surveys to submit to people in order to collect data. They will be subsequently used for your research, being it for marketing, university or government purposes. 

Collecting answers from a selected pool of respondents is crucial for a marketing research: you can ask what works and what doesn’t, how your brand is perceived by the audience, what you could improve in your strategies. 

A perfect marketing strategy involves different types of surveys to be submitted to different target audiences in order to better understand your prospective customers and actual clients. A mix of CATI, CAWI, CAPI questionnaires is perfect. 

What Is A CATI Survey 

This is a telephone survey conducted by trained employees. A good market research software will allow members of your team to always have a script in front of them but also be able to switch from one question to another based on how the survey is going. 

During the call, your staff will also be able to write down answers in a quick and easy way in order to collect the most precise information from your target audience. 

CAWI Survey 

This is an online survey software you can customize to actually reflect your needs. Different kinds of questions (open-ended, multiple choice, ratings) are available for you to create the perfect balance and collect the right data. 

Make it as clear and concise as possible in order to obtain crucial information from interviewed people. 

A CAPI Market Research Software 

You can’t forget the importance of one-on-one interactions: an offline survey can be useful in a lot of scenarios: 

● when people are not comfortable talking on the phone; 
● when people can’t properly use their digital devices; 
● if you need first-person impressions after an event. 

In this case a CAPI market research software will help you create and organize the perfect questionnaire to be submitted to people in person. 

The Importance Of Data Collection And Storage 

When searching for the right market research software, you should remember the importance of collecting and storing data in a quick and efficient way. The right software for your business should have a wide storage space, a good data collection system and easy to read marketing survey results. 

This way your questionnaires will always be safely stored in a database you can pick what you need from. Personal data and answers should also be protected based on the privacy and data protection laws. 

After your survey is complete, you and your company should be able to analyze the answers and apply a focused strategy in order to improve your marketing skills and grow your sales.

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