7 Best B2B Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

best b2b email marketing strategies grow business emailing

The world of digital marketing has revolutionized the way business is done in the present era. By operating effectively through its various tools, digital marketing has opened a plethora of opportunities and ways for businesses to promote themselves in the market. This is true for both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) marketing and communications.

In the case of B2B email marketing, you can’t think of doing it alone. This is why many B2B companies invest in a good strategy by availing services of professional marketing service providers. Email marketing has proven to have a high and dependable return on investment year after year. It is one of the best things one can do for their business. This way, one can expect better email marketing results overall and, more importantly – a higher ROI. 

The right emailing tactics make a big difference. Here are some top tactics that will make a difference in your B2B email marketing strategy: 

1. Send Relevant Emails Based On Customer Persona 

Before sending out an email blast or engaging with customers via social media or newsletters, have an idea of who they are first. It doesn’t hurt if you have specific personas and their details, such as hobbies and interests. The reason behind this is simple – knowing your target audience will help deliver messaging that resonates with them. 

2. Build A List Of Customers And Leads 

It’s easy to start building your email contact list. It can be done by importing and adding leads from your marketing automation software, social media channels, or purchasing data lists from third-party providers. 

You could also check with business partners if they have customer information you can use too. But to get the best results, take time analyzing which contacts are deliverable and would help boost conversion rates. And make sure to segment your email lists to ensure more personalized content and better results.

3. Be Consistent In Sending Emails 

Send out emails at least once every seven days so that people will not forget about your brand even when they don’t hear from you for a while. Consistency is key to making an impact (and sending out more emails in the process). 

If you follow these tips, email marketing will certainly make a difference for your business. However, one important thing to remember is that devoting time and resources to it pays off in the long run for business-to-business emailing. 

4. Determine Your B2B Email Marketing Goals 

Before doing anything, it’s best to set up clear goals for your B2B email marketing. It could be growing your subscriber list, getting more leads, or boosting the conversion rate. Whichever goal you decide on, make sure they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). This way, you can keep track of progress easily and modify your email marketing strategy if needed. 

5. Get The Email Marketing Timing Right 

For this to work out in the long run, being consistent is not enough! You have to determine which day of the week or month delivers results based on what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, studies show that Tuesday mornings are proven to be most effective for sending out emails. On Monday mornings most business professionals are inundated with emails and catching up on weekend work. Timing is everything with emails!

6. Build An Email Sequence 

A sequence is many emails (3 or more) sent to subscribers on a staggered basis. It doesn’t mean you have to send them all simultaneously, but it does help to send them one after another. The benefit of doing this is that it gives your business the chance to reach out and engage more customers as they wait for the next message / post / email from your brand. Email marketing CRM software can help with your sequence setups.

Another reason why this works is that people can receive and read each email immediately. Sometimes in B2B you need to be patient.

7. Mini-Campaigns And Vertical Emails 

These two are perfect if you are looking for new opportunities to cross-promote your products or services while not having to send regular emails. Mini-campaigns work best by sending a series of promotional messages such as webinars, white papers, how-to guides, ebooks, and the like. 

Meanwhile, vertical emails would help grow your brand by targeting specific demographic segments such as people who recently downloaded an eBook or need products A and B for their business. 

It will be beneficial to do this regularly, so it becomes part of your normal business-to-business email marketing strategy

The Bottom Line On B2B Email Excellence 

Email marketing has been proven to be effective for B2B marketing year after year. Keep these emailing tips in mind to get the required results your company needs.

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