What Is Screen Recording? And 8 Benefits To Consider

what is screen recording benefits videos

Screen recording is a process in which the actions taken on a screen are captured and stored as a video file. It is beneficial for creating tutorials, such as "how to use x software" or specific steps of processes like programming and web design. 

For those wondering why a screen recorder is even needed, considering most computers come with a screen capture tool by default, the answer is that screen capture tools cannot be used to capture high-quality video. Also, the quality of the screenshots depends heavily on the quality of the user’s graphics card. 

Screen recorders don't face this problem since they solely rely on the CPU performance regardless of whether it has an integrated or discrete graphics card. 

Here are the top 8 benefits to screen recording videos. 

1. Meet All Requirements Of Tutorials 

Screen recording is perfect for creating tutorials because you can use it with any software and web page. This is helpful for creators and viewers.

It also enables users to create high-definition videos with crystal clear sounds. So viewers can easily understand how to use a particular program or navigate throughout the site. 

2. Create Vivid Presentations 

Would you like to present your products, services, portfolios, and ideas in front of an audience but find it daunting because you feel your slides aren't exciting enough? 

Screen recordings may help as they allow people to see exactly what you did on a computer monitor, including the corresponding sounds. They will get a gist of how things work even if they're watching it on a bigger screen. 

3. Quick Comparisons Between Features 

The number of software programs available these days is overwhelming, so sometimes, it is challenging to determine which one gives you the best value for your money. 

If you are trying to sell a software product, you can use a screen recorder to record and showcase its exclusive features, thus giving potential clients a clear picture of what they will get by choosing your software over that of your competitors. 

4. Enhance Remote Support Sessions 

When computers are being used remotely, users may have issues that need solving, but they might not be skilled enough to explain what has happened or where things went wrong. 

Screen recorders solve this problem as they are fairly easy to use. Anyone experiencing any issue can just record their screen and send the file to the IT person, who can then analyze the issue and figure out a solution. 

5. Make Tutorials Easy To Follow 

It's much better to watch a screen recording than reading text-based instructions because people are visual beings. Watching how things work helps people understand them better. This is especially helpful when outlining technical instructions or techniques.

6. Make Gameplay Videos More Impressive 

Some gamers enjoy sharing their play experiences with friends who aren't around or other players around the world, and screen recording is one of the best ways to do so. 

It lets them take screenshots while playing games and record their performance to show others how they achieved certain milestones or get through tricky levels. The latter can benefit competitive players since they can share their top strategies to help other players achieve greatness. 

7. Highlight Keynote Points In The Presentation 

When the speaker goes over essential points during a presentation, it would be helpful to highlight these moments for people who may not listen all the way through. 

This is where screen recording becomes useful because users can record what is happening on-screen and add comments or markers that pop up whenever something of significance happens. 

8. Record How-To Presentations 

Some people like using live demos, but they require special preparation and attention to detail, affecting their quality. Fortunately, this isn't an issue with screen recordings since anyone can make one without prior experience or practice beforehand. 

Finally, screen recordings are perfect for people who want to keep a video history of their computer use. They can watch the clips and see how specific programs work or why certain things happen. This is especially useful for finding answers without having to wait or pay anything, which is great if you're worried about missing something important.

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