4 Tips For Business Curb Appeal

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Everyone knows that having good curb appeal is a huge selling point for a house. But what about a business? Does having good curb appeal make a difference in foot traffic and sales? You bet! 

Why Curb Appeal Matters 

First impressions matter. And, for better or worse, it only takes a few seconds for a business to establish a first impression in the minds of customers. That impression is already solidified (or at least heavily influenced) by the time a customer walks through the doors of your store. Your building’s exterior is the thing people see first. Good or bad, it has an influence. 

A clean, professional, and visually pleasing curb appeal helps people see your business through a positive lens. It convinces them to give you the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, a dirty, drab, and off-brand appearance sends the wrong message. 

“More than 80 percent of the consumers surveyed by Morpace admitted to shopping only once at a retailer and not returning because the business did not meet their expectations,” Tru Vue explains. “Reasons for this included customer service but also disorganization of the store and ‘dirty’ appearance.” 

In a separate study of more than 1,000 shoppers, 95 percent of consumers admit a store’s external appearance influences their decisions about whether to shop there. Nearly 40 percent say they wouldn’t go inside a store that “doesn’t look like a place I would normally shop.” 

If you want to set your business up for success from the very start, you need to spend some time and energy creating a captivating storefront that draws people in and makes them want to venture inside. 

4 Ways To Boost Curb Appeal 

Improving curb appeal usually starts with small yet concrete improvements. Here are a few simple recommendations: 

1. Show Your Parking Lot Some Love 

If you have a parking lot, this is a great place to start. Whether it’s traditional concrete or asphalt, your parking lot is bound to deteriorate over time. And if it’s already fallen into disrepair, then it’s sending the wrong message to your customers. If it’s still in decent condition, then now may be the perfect time to invest in a little preventive maintenance to increase its lifespan and longevity. A company like McConnell & Associates can perform maintenance and sealcoating. 

2. Update Your Signage 

Signage can be expensive, but it’s also integral to your curb appeal. Not only that, but top-quality signs helps with branding. Make sure your signage is clean, functional, and up-to-date. 

One big issue is visibility. Go outside and look at your sign from multiple angles and distances. Can you make it out when you’re across the street? Does it need straightening? Are there any lights out? 

3. Clean Up Messes 

Cleanliness is big – especially if you run a restaurant, service, or healthcare company. Things like dirty siding, weeds in flower beds, and trash on the sidewalks can give off the wrong vibe. If you don’t have the time to clean up messes and maintain your exterior on your own, hire a service to come by every few days. It doesn’t cost much, but it helps a lot! 

4. Improve Landscaping 

Landscaping (or the lack thereof) has a major impact on your curb appeal. If you’ve neglected this in the past, consider it a quick and easy way to boost your appearance. Well-manicured grass, colorful flowers, and other tasteful elements can go a long way. 

“If your storefront doesn’t have much in the way of grass or greenery, you may want to consider installing a rock garden instead,” Velocity Merchant Services advises. “ Not only are rock gardens modern and eye-catching, this type of xeriscaping is extremely low-maintenance and won’t eat into your overhead costs.” 

Again, if you don’t have much time on your hands, you can always outsource landscaping. In fact, you can probably find someone to handle both weekly cleanup and landscaping at once for your retail shop. This will save you money and keep your storefront looking nice and clean

Elevate Your Business Exterior

There’s no singular method for getting people to walk through your door and purchase products, but every little bit helps. Curb appeal, which is often overlooked, is one area where most businesses can generate some immediate improvement. Are you up for the challenge of boosting brick and mortar cub appeal?

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