Basic SEO 101: What You Should Know

basic seo 101 search engine optimization beginners

Is your company website in need of reaching new online audiences? Do you want to learn more about SEO? Fantastic! Google’s algorithms are waiting to shake your hand. But how do you get Google on your side to make sure they place you at the top of search results? 

Well, SEO works wonders for business websites and blogs. The right kind of content optimization tactics are super effective for growing your online presence and increasing the visiting traffic to your website. But where do you start? 

This basic SEO training guide tells you everything you need to know, including SEO fundamentals and the key techniques you should be implementing to see real results. 

We have also got a few tips and tricks for executing your beginner SEO work like a pro. 

What Is SEO? 

So what exactly is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? 

Well, it is basically the process of improving and developing your website in order for it to rank higher on Google’s search results. There’s a whole load of different factors that influence why Google’s algorithms will choose to display your site over others, and SEO is all about showing Google you’re doing all the right things. 

Essentially, you need to produce content (blogs, videos, service pages) that proves you are a top-quality website that answers relevant search queries. In a nutshell, the actions you need to be taking include: 

• Scattering key search terms into your website content (popular words, phrases, sentences) without keyword stuffing spamming 

• Including links to other authority websites that already rank quite highly. 

• Building a trustworthy brand that publishes unique content. 

• Having a website that is mobile-compatible and provides a good user experience. 

• Having a crawlable website that loads fast. 

The Importance Of Keywords 

Keywords are perhaps the most important aspect of SEO. You need to understand what your target audience is searching and how your website can provide the answers. 

It’s all well and good using lots of keywords that millions of people search for. But the search intent of these keywords needs to be relevant to you too. 

For example, imagine a sunglasses shop does some research and finds that the keywords ‘men’s clothing’ and ‘designer glasses’ have 100,000 and 1,000 monthly Google searches respectively. 

Even though ‘men’s clothing’ has a lot more people searching the term, the sunglasses shop would still benefit most from using ‘designer glasses’ as a keyword because it’s far more likely the searcher would click on their website. Why? Because it’s relevant to what they’re looking for. 

Simple Tips For Top-Quality SEO 

1. Quicken Up Your Site 

The loading speed of your page affects how Google ranks you. So get rid of plug-ins that slow it down. You can also minimize excessive ads and compress images to improve site speed. 

2. Prioritize Links 

Regularly link to relevant and authoritative pages in your blogs. But only link to pages that offer genuine value to your readers and validates your site as reputable. You also want to earn high-quality backlinks from other top authority sites in your niche.

3. Don’t Skimp On Quality 

Your content shouldn’t be carelessly written with random, irrelevant keywords. Google loves engaging and well-written content too. Remember you’re writing for humans, not algorithms. 

4. Publish Content Consistently 

Publishing just 1 or 2 blogs a year simply won’t cut it. Try to publish fresh new content at least a few times a month to prove you’re a consistent provider of valuable information to both search engines and readers. 

SEO Like A Pro 

Search engine optimization is an ongoing investment that needs to be done for business website success. You will reap the dividends of your SEO investment for months and years to come if you follow these simple tips.

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