Slotxo Launches Android Application: How To Get It

slotxo launches android application how to get slots gaming app

As most of us are aware of, during pandemic, online gaming has grown exponentially in market sizes as well as number of players while the game category which has made its way to million of players is Slotxo. Today, the online casino company has offered an optional way for regular and new players to engage in the slot gaming through Android Application.

What Is Slotxo Android Application? 

For current players, in normal practice, they usually run the game by mobile site or desktop. But with millions of users, Slotxo has decided to engage into gaming application and today with the very first android application for players in Thailand. 

When we’re talking about android, it means that only players with Android smartphone are allowed to play and not those with iPhone. The best experience smartphone for Slotxo is Samsung and OPPO where we have tested working with seamless experiences.

How To Download And Install It? 

To make it easy, the Slotxo Android application can be downloaded from certain branded website only and is one of the sites that you online casino players can actually have their way to download it. 

slotxo download steps

1. Visit and find “LINE application” button 

2. Click to download the application 

3. If the installation has been blocked with the message “Install Blocked for security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources” click Setting 

4. Click allow installation of apps from sources other than Play store 

5. The message “Do you want to install this application? It will get access to” will appear. Press Install to proceed 

6. Wait for the installation to complete and enjoy the digital slot machine game! 

Please note that Slotxo Android application is only eligible for 3G smartphone and above. However, for the best experience on the application, the users should have a 4G or 5G smartphone or connected with high speed internet connection. 

Is There Such Thing As Slotxo On iOS? 

As for Slotxo application, at the moment, the brand decides to feature in android application only. However, those who have iOS or iPhone will still have to play it from mobile version of the site. 

About SlotXO Game On application 

Currently, Slotxo has over 200 online slot game title with different themes. The slots game has been continuously developed since 2017 where the game was firstly introduced in Asia. 

Not only online slot machine, but the brand also provides a more exciting game category “shoot the fish” that pay the prize once the score hit the threshold. 

Visit today to download Slotxo gaming application for the newest version. 

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